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 Digital Revolution

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DR Staff

PostSubject: Digital Revolution   Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:53 pm

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Welcome to Digital Revolution! We are an active, friendly forum centered around RPGs. We also feature a number of discussions, a Digimon Fandex, and our most-recently added Character DataBase!

Digital Revolution is one of the few, active, single-thread style RPG sites. We focus on a number of RPs, versus one, full-board style one. This offers a more controlled plot, interaction, and getting noticed more easily by other members. Another pro to this is that anyone can create a plot for their own RPG, and GM that game, get members, and RP along the storyline you want.
Is RPing is not your thing? That's fine too. You can chat with us in the cbox all the way at the bottom of every page, or you can stop at our general, or digimon sections, and chat about really anything. We feature reviews by members about pretty much anything. If you've got something to say, say it, we'll listen. Our members are friendly, and you can almost always find someone down in the cbox. We hold a lot of non-RP discussions, even if the RPGs are our main focus.
We recently added a Fandex. The Fandex is there to show off you fan-created Digimon. An original digimon for an RP you've joined, or made for a fanfic, or just one you made for whatever. Feel free to show it off. Our Mods will give you feedback, and explain how you can improve the digimon, or just accept, and put it on the Roster. Either way, nets you the attention that other forums don't offer.
And our latest, and greatest creation, the Character DataBase! The CDB is a member-focused addition to the forum. You submit your characters, using our profile sheet, and get them judged, critiqued, accepted, and placed in the Roster, for others to view as well. It's got the same mechanic as the Fandex, but it is designed to meet the needs of ANY character. Offsite Character, On-site, fanfic, original story, or just a character with no home yet. Anything is welcome to be submitted here.

Coming soon we have a Member Showcase, that will show off your Fandex submissions, or your character creations, and net you even more recognition. The showcase will also feature select 'Quotes' by characters, as well as a 'Post of the Week' feature. It's all to help our members get more attention.

So what are you waiting for? now, start RPing, start creating, and start having fun~!
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Digital Revolution
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