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 Game Year? "Lolwut?"

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PostSubject: Game Year? "Lolwut?"   Thu Jul 30, 2009 12:32 pm

Despite it being an alternate universe and all that other jazz, some of the admins have decided, mostly me xD, to create a Roleplay year as a frame of reference for historical character documentation and whatever other points of interest. The dates will be documented in either B.S., standing for Before Shinobi, or A.S., After Shinobi, as of current. Each in game year will take three real months to complete, making a total of four in game years for every real year. So yeah, try to keep up on that even though we will for you.

In addition, I would advise that characters age according to this, however it is up to your personal preference how far your characters age, or if you want them to remain stagnant for the rest of their lives. We don't care much either way, but it would be nice to have people progress with the year changes. Anyway, that's all really.

Starting Year is 174 AS.


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PostSubject: Re: Game Year? "Lolwut?"   Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:06 pm

    so, as opposed to every two months on nwotn2[point]0, it's three. easy enough to remember. ^_^
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Game Year? "Lolwut?"
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