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 Naruto RPG | Rise of Shinobi

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PostSubject: Naruto RPG | Rise of Shinobi   Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:43 am

The world has been covered in Warriors since the beginning of time. The Continent quickly became divided by the great warriors who founded the Countries on the world. Centuries passed and the Countries battled for land, economy and personal goals. Five countries soon became dominent and split the continent into 6 divides. The Fire Country, home to great warriors with a burning passion for combat. The Wind Country, home to great assassins of the deserts. The Lightning Country, home to great warriors with the power of lightning. The Water Country, home to great soldiers with the sole purpose of defending their lands and their honour. The Earth Country, home to many warrior who became one with the earth and finally the last segment was split into many smaller countries and was named the Other Countries.

The world fell into many wars, across many lands. Brining devastation, blood and death to many warriors. The world was old, but the age of warriors was about to be revolutionised. One man, known as the Great Sage born 50 years ago to the present day, created what is now known as Ninjutsu and the Shinobi. The Great Sage was able to unite the continent in an age of peace. This peace lasted many, many years and still remains to the present day. It has been 30 years since the Great Sage's death, he lived a short 20 year life. However, in his life he inspired many and united the world as one.

30 years after The Great Sage's death, basically 3 years before our present day, the development of Shinobi Village had begun. The age of the Shinobi had arrived with the Five Great Ninja Villages. The Fire Country home to the Village Hidden in the Leaves. The Wind Country home to the Village Hidden in the Sand, The Lightning Country home to the Village Hidden in the Clouds. The Water Country home to the Village Hidden in the Mist. Finally, the Earth Country home to the Village Hidden in the Rocks. These great ninja villages are new and sparking with potential. The First Kage Generation has been born and with it the peace of the Great Sage remains. We are now living the few first years after the foundation of the Five Great Villages. What side will you choose, fight for the sake of the world, or join the new "Akatsuki" organisation and be part of the world domination plan? What is the future hiding for us? Only time will tell..


Ambition, Passion, Determination, among but a few of the qualities we look for on Rise of Shinobi (RoS). RoS is a relatively new RP based within the timeline of village creation, come and live the first few years after the Foundation of the Villages. There has been a lot of time and preparation put into this forum but it is now finally open to join, staff members are active and will be more than glad to aid new members to the forum until the point that they know how everything works. Novice RPers as well as Advanced are all welcome as the content will be suitable for all.


Be the next legend of the RoSh Universe by taking advantage of all the content customization available to you in assistance towards your overall goal. Once you join you will have the ability to create the strongest of all jutsu or simply upgrade weaker ones, produce powerful equipment and weapons as well as establish you own great organization. Watch as your character growers stronger and stronger from battles, missions and experiences in the RoS world. Gain extra reputation from joining Plot or Event related mission and be part of the much larger picture. Although plot and event mission are the best ways of being part of plot effecting occurrences you will also be able to act freely as you wish, maybe decide to overthrow a village Kage though not recommended without powerful acquaintances.


The forum Design and banners will change occasionally to keep a fresh new look on the forum, the current design being a silky dark blue and dark grey theme. Polls shall be held for new themes, contests allowing you to create your own and other contests that will keep a moderately to high enjoyment in the Out Of Character (OCC) aspects of the forum.

So come and check it out for yourself, JOIN and be part of a great legacy.


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Naruto RPG | Rise of Shinobi
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