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 Mecha Wars

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Admin Chuunin
Admin Chuunin

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PostSubject: Mecha Wars   Tue May 24, 2011 10:48 am

The Plot
During the past Cosmic Era dates, the galaxy was in a rather peaceful period of time. It had followed a massive war in which millions of people lost their life, countries and nations lost wealth, and territories were destroyed. Now, in Cosmic Era 199, the galaxy finds itself again in the clutches of war. The two main factions is ZAFT, they represent the PLANTS of outer space, and The Earth Federation, the alliance that represents the nations on earth, but not all of them.

The current war is over the resources in outer space. Concluding the previous war, the treaty that was signed gave the PLANTS governing right over the resources in space. The Earth federation went through a massive election that gave rise to new leaders and new ideals. The new leaders were greedy, they wanted what the PLANTS had. The leaders of ZAFT declined to any and all threats and tried to keep peace with the federation. Earth just didnt like it, so they made the first strike, taking control of multiple small resource depots.

ZAFT is an Organization that represents the PLANTS of outer space. They have been around for as long as the PLANTS themselves. The ZAFT org. has their own army in which to protect themselves. In the early years, ZAFT only had "Coordinators", coordinators were humans with altered genes, but now they are full of coordinators and humans a like. Their elite soldiers are called FAITH.

Earth Federation
The Earth Federation is an Alliance made up of the nations of earth, though not all the nations of the planet follow this federation. The federation prides itself on using only human pilots, but some Coordinators have joined since the live on earth. Their elite soldiers are the EFF Special Forces.

There are many systems on this forum. WE have a leveling system, money system that goes along with a shop. You can rank up, fight, get new Mech. The best way to think about it, is that its a game!!

<div style="margin:auto;text-align:center;width:100%"><a href="http://mechawars.forumotion.net?tid=7be6eb35ab4986b18dfd6aa018f38d0c" class="postlink"><img src="http://i20.servimg.com/u/f20/14/00/22/93/m-wars10.png" border="0" alt="" /></a></div>
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Chūnin of Kirigakure
Chūnin of Kirigakure

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PostSubject: Re: Mecha Wars   Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:55 pm

Affiliate button added.
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Mecha Wars
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