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Naruto Unleashed: Advertisement

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Naruto Unleashed: Advertisement

Post by Akuhei on Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:05 pm

Get in the Rpg While the Series is Starting!

A New Appearance had caused war upon the Five Great Nations!
War is gone and away from the villages.

They all lived in peace at this very time. They played, danced, talked, had ceremonys, and sometimes ate togetheir. As the villages were having fun, something was happening in a cave with a man. This man had so much power that he was invincible because of the creatures he had holded in him. All these creatures had made the 10 tailed shadow of evil. One night he couldn't control that much power that was inside of him because of the Bijuu's fighting constantly. They escaped from the man and began to roam around the land of shinobis. Mainly nobody knew of these beasts until a recent beast attacked the village now as Konohagakure. It destroyed everything even houses, the Hokage tower and more. But only one shinobi had destroyed this beast and he was a very mysterious ninja. This man had stopped its attack and had to seal it within a scroll for until further notice. This had made him the Hokage because of the strength he had showed the village. More of these Bijuus began to attack villages and the greatest shinobis would seal them into a scroll like the Great Hokage had told them to do. After a while the Kages found out a suggestion to seal them within babys and they took the order to do it. The man who had all the Bijuu were dead and his corpse vanished.

There was another mysterious man and he was a S rank rogue nin. He had big dreams of making a country for all the rogue nin to train, fight, get missions, and more. The man found a spot that was nice for him and all his followers to stay and create there village at. Why did they call this country demon country? because there was a legend that told its story and it was about so many bodys that were killed in this village. Many people who passed this village thought of it as having many demons and monsters. But that was myth, there was only people that were criminals in this village. They even raised there kids to do violent things like killing shinobi from other villages, becoming one with stealth moves. Thats why they called this country Akuma no kumi - Demon Country. The village, if found, is a battle ready place. Many of the once friendly features have been replaced. Metal roofing, sharp building features, even the craters have all been changed in some way. A new feature however, is the red water, and trees that grow red leaves. They have the shinobi village named Ketsuekigakure - Village Hidden in the Blood and the academy students test must kill each other until there are only 6 people remaining similar to the mist village test. The Chikage was claimed by the creator and the one who found this country. Because of the killing that Ketsuekigakure had caused, made the villages think that they were being attacked by the other villages like Konoha, Suna, Kiri, Iwa, and Kumo. They became at war with each other and now they declared war!

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Re: Naruto Unleashed: Advertisement

Post by Kira on Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:34 pm

Perhaps you should do some reading....for example the Dust Release is comprised of three elements...not two. And the Sharingan can't track things like Lightning Armor enhanced body flicker.....just a quick pointer.
But all in all it's a decent forum and it has a nice background image.


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