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 Narutor: The greatest way to roleplay ;D

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Genin of Kumogakure
Genin of Kumogakure

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PostSubject: Narutor: The greatest way to roleplay ;D   Mon Aug 30, 2010 10:19 am

Well, the site is dead, yeah. But you know what? =D Im gunna revive it, into...zombie narutor! Cool eh? Actually I just need people to sign up and talk to me on the chat.


I hope you like what you see =D Two admins are currently very active, and one mod gets on occasionally. So any applications you would post would get looked at immediatly. Max waiting time is 6 hours. Unless you post it at midnight, then you're shit outta luck.


(Limited time offer, get your Narutor forums today ;D)
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Narutor: The greatest way to roleplay ;D
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