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 Bleach Mania

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PostSubject: Bleach Mania   Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:19 am

SIDENOTE!!!!!! This site has nothing to do with the show or manga so that means no Ichigo, no Aizen, pretty much none of the events that happened in the show or manga. The only thing that is similar is the finding of the Hōgyoku.

500 years ago in Hueco Mundo:
The War Begins: A war broke out between the Hollows and the Shinigami. Death lingered in the air. The war had went on for who knows how long. They were unaware about the change in time with it looking like night everyday. The Captain Commander and the King of Hollows were at a standstill with their powers being so equivalent. Because of this they layed waste to everything in their way, including both Shinigami and Hollow alike. This may have been what seemed to be the most eventful thing going on at the moment, but it was not.

The real thing that was going on was when a female shinigami, the main scientist of the Shinigami, was about to lay waste to an adjuchas named Niiro Odokemono Ryuu. She looked to the Hollow with grief in her eyes. She knew for a fact that the Shinigami had something up their sleeves and planned on making the Hollow race extinct. She then pulled something out of her pocket. It was the Hougyoku. She placed it up to the Hollow turning it into an Arrancar, the first to be made like this. He stood up with a sword in his right hand. He looked up on the woman with his one visible eye and she was amazed by her "creation". He cared not for her. He cut her in half without thinking secondly about it. With her dead he obtained the Hougyoku and went and made several more, nine to be exact. They would then be called the Espada.

Birth of the Espada: As Niiro and group moved through the White Sand Desert of Hueco Mundo the killed everything in their way. They were surprisingly stronger than any other Arrancar and Hollow ever. They had abilities that the others had but weren't even close to their level. They ended up making their way to the fight between the King of Hollows and the Captain Commander of the Soul Society.

The KoH (King of Hollows) had saw the group walking towards him and the CC (Captain Commander) and couldn't tell if they were either Shinigami or Hollow. The CC had also noticed that the group. It seemed as if the two had a new enemy. They both drew their attention from themselves to the Espada, and went to kill them. While all of this was going on the Espada didn't know of their Resurrecion until Niiro felt it and released his. His form and shape had altered. As the other Espada watched this happen they did the same. The Espada had killed the CC and KoH. They anounced Niiro as the new KoH and he made even more Arrancar. The Shinigami fled returning to the Soul Society. After leaving the Arrancar began to build what would be known as Las Noches.

250 years later in the Soul Society:
Regrouping: With the Captain Commander dead it seemed that the Shinigami were in a bind. It didn't help very much that the Arrancar were in posession of the Hougyoku. Also with most of the Captains dead from the War the Shinigami were in need of new Captains so they weren't at that much of a disadvantage.

It seemed as if a lot of people were being promoted. With one promotion another followed. Before you knew it there were new Captains, New Vice-Captains or Lieutenants. There was even a new Race Scientist for the Shinigami. It seemed as if everything was going good for them. There was only one problem now: the Hougyoku.

The "New Hougyoku": The new Race Scientist was very powerful. The third strongest in the Soul Society. This Scientist was also a Captain. This Shinigami was so powerful that they were able to make the "New Hougyoku," the Shūsa-dama, or Abberation Sphere in english. This would do all the same jobs as the Hougyoku, it may have even been stronger.

With the Shūsa-dama completed the Race Scientist decided to test their powers. The Captain had chose seven individuals to test his powers on, but with their consent of course. Except for one, it was their own family member. After picking the test subjects out they immediately started on them. It had seemed as if they had killed these Shinigami but in a matter of minutes they came to life with these mask upon their faces. The Shinigami Scientist had successfully created a new kind of Shinigami, they named them the Vizards. The Scientist had showed the Vizards to the Captain Commander and the CC didn't like it at all. He threw them out of the Soul Society, casting them into the human world. They were no longer allies of the Soul Society, but they also were not enemies either. The Scientist had hid the Shūsa-dama afraid that it may be destroyed or captured.

Present Day:
500 years later from the great Shini/Hollow War and Niiro is still the King. A new Captain Commander has been chosen in the Soul Society as well as other Captains. New Races have appeared as well. The Superhumans, Bountou, and Quincy are taking a stand. Even the Dolls and Zanpakutou Spirits are getting involved. Nothing was known of the Vizards or what happened to them after being casted out into the Human World. It is said that they were resided somewhere in Japan. The future is unknown and is up to the people of...


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Bleach Mania
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