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 Hetalia Secrets

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PostSubject: Hetalia Secrets    Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:11 pm

Death. Destruction. Turmoil. Forgotten. Hate. Rage. Loneliness. Tears.

Utopia was a thing that could finally be believed. Global Economy, people able to raise their children under the government’s supervision, no one went hungry under the government, no one fought or they would be killed by the government. Forty years later, World War three. The Nuclear War. No neutral, only nations fighting for their country, their people. Hate sprung back and forth, and no friendships were kept safe. Now, twenty years later after the famous ‘Mutant War’ it seems people are back to normal…nations are becoming friends again, but with a major side effect.

Half of the world is gone.

During the nuclear war, millions of people died fighting for their country, fighting for what they thought was right. Not all were casualties of war. The Nuclear weapons caused death as well, and ‘mutants’ weren’t just ‘mutants’ they were humans. Humans sometimes mutated themselves, sometimes for the better, to survive cancer, and sometimes for the worst, to die. Nations are struggling to get back on their feet after the war, but they themselves have had tastes of the mass amounts of radiation and poison. Mutated themselves, they didn’t know what was wrong with them until -they- showed up on their door steps.

‘Chibi’ nations, them when they were younger. Each nation has one, but not all have been found yet. These little ones are the people springing back to life after all the chaos. However, these nations need to learn, need to learn from each other. Larger nations, have to now teach what they have learned, but to they teach to be better? Or teach to be worse? The lessons haven’t been released.

However, something is deeper and darker than these nations, young and old, that they cannot fight against. Not without each other. And something is going wrong with the world. Will the nations stop it before it’s to late? Or will they finally die, leaving the world in a barren and lifeless place?

is a advanced literate rp, with a 300 word count. Knowledge about Hetalia is needed, but you can always ask questions. OC’s and Canon’s are allowed, feel free to add your country. However, make sure to follow the rules and the application needed to get your character. The goal is to have one big family on the site, where drama isn’t there, but level headed debate is allowed. Come and join the Hetalia Secrets family.
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Hetalia Secrets
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