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 Naruto Enmity Reboot

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PostSubject: Naruto Enmity Reboot   Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:39 pm


After the Fourth Shinobi World War an era of peace and tranquility began to sweep the world. Nations rebuilt and soon returned to their individual ways of life. The Shinobi Alliance broke apart seeing no reason in keeping the super power united in a time when people would much rather extend their arms to embrace rather than assault another. For a century this peaceful way of living continued and became known as the Era of Peace.

However the Era of Peace would soon fade with the passing of time. Village Leaders became corrupt and their occupants fell under their tyrannical rule. Despite the negative way of living no one dared to spark an insurrection for fear if the war pain and death that would follow. However, it wasn't long before the oppressed masses grew tired of their immoral leaders. They armed themselves and prepared for war. This led to the Fifth Shinobi World War which became better known as The Great Rebellion. With war raging though out the shinobi world all nations were thrown into chaos with many nations lashing out at all that would pose a threat. Desperate to prevent the entire shinobi world from crumbling in on itself the nations of Hi, Kaze, Mizu, Tsuchi and Kamanari reformed the Shinobi Alliance and created the International Ninja Team, a group of shinobi that was to uphold the Shinobi Alliance between the major nations and strengthen it. With INT enforcing the will of the five nation alliance the chaotic Fifth Shinobi World War turned into a cold war of politics before it finally died down.

The end of the Great Rebellion gave birth to two new countries and three shinobi villages. The Volcano and the Rising Sun and Mechanic Villages rose out of the ashes of war. The forever neutral country of Tetsu no Kuni established its hidden village under the rule of the Imperial Kingdom. In addition to the new nations the shinobi world witnessed a second renaissance of sorts. All nations saw advances in technology and weaponry. INT soon inducted Arashi, Taki and Kusa into its alliance spreading its helping hands across the world. As INT grew many organizations would dare to oppose the great shinobi alliance only to be crushed. With the massive war over all nations were able to prosper in a predominately friendly environment. as such many clans prospered and some that were thought to be extinct had made a slow return, of these were the Uchiha, Senju, Kaguya, and Hi-Tsukurite clans.

Each clan boosted the economic and military force of there lands all the while reestablishing themselves as shinobi superpowers. Peace had once again become an established way of life for countries within the protection of INT and the Shinobi Alliance. For those that were not under the arc of safety war and strife continued. Civil war still ravaged many of the lesser and rising nations and the great alliance dared not to intervene. As such nations like Kyokujitsugakure no sato were forced to endure half a century of war before a stable government would be able to guide the people. While the reasons against intervention made sense the the council members of the alliance, the people that were victimized didn't understand why there were being abandoned. This led to the formation of groups against the Alliance and is some cases INT as well. While many nations rose against the Shinobi Alliance on every occasion they would fall under the might the Alliance possessed.

Chapter 1

Its been over fifty years since the Great Rebellion instigated the reconstruction of the shinobi world as it was known. The INT continues to serve as the Shinobi Alliance's most elite group of shinobi and defender of those within its borders. With such a large alliance governing almost half of world peace continues to live on in every facet of one's life. However there are still a small number of countries that suffer despite the good fortune of INT. In addition to this harsh truth, a group of ninja looks to spread the suffering of these nations to beyond their borders. They seek chaos, disorder and death. Their motive remain unknown, and their numbers are a mystery. They are only known as Boshoku. Meanwhile the shinobi world continues to move forward as a new class of genin graduates from the academy looking to become heroes in their own right. Village Leaders hope to either pass the torch on to their successors or live up to their predecessors. Its a world of change and mystery on Naruto Enmity. Here only you can shape your destiny.
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Naruto Enmity Reboot
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