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 Stonehythe: Original Fantasy

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PostSubject: Stonehythe: Original Fantasy   Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:55 am

The world of Azzaria has been at war for centuries, all because of a mysterious stone that was stolen by an Elf. Now things look set to change. The Imperial Emperor has been trying to negotiate peace between the four Races for several years, and now it seems that he has succeeded. As a result of the peace treaties several betrothals have been agreed upon to try and unite the Races. Of course, not everyone agrees with the decisions made by their rulers, including the betrothed themselves.

Azzaria is in a time of great change. Whether it is for the better or the worst, that is yours to decide.


Stonehythe is looking for some new players to join us with original characters, or to join and fill some needed characters. In this RPG we have three types of needed characters;

Player Requests

These are characters that players would like to see played for their own plots. This is a great way to get involved in the RPG, meet new people and cause some IC mischief ;) A full list is available here;

Needed Characters

These are needed characters such as children of the rulers of each race. These characters have only the very basic details are set in stone, so there is lots of flexibity available for a player. Take a look at this page to see what's open to play;

Canon Characters

These are important characters that have specific details set out about them, but still provide a lot of room for players to adapt them for themselves. These characters include the rulers of each of the four races, including the mysterious immortals that rule the Protectors, the Emperor who has actively sought peace between the four races and members of the Mage/Healers Ruling council. Check out this list of available canon characters;
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Stonehythe: Original Fantasy
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