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 Bleach: Rise of Diablo

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PostSubject: Bleach: Rise of Diablo   Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:24 pm

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20 Years after Aizen's war...

Much had changed since Aizen's influence over hueco mundo had ended. Humans had become spiritually aware, and formed their own hollow combating force. They had discorvered cures for previously uncurable, life threatening deseases, such as cancer and aids. They had also developed the method for humans to live over 150 years. In light of thier new spiritual awakening, the nations of the world united as one to deal with these new, unknown species. The new world order is led by representatives from the most powerful nations on earth.

Shinigami have gone back to their usual life. They have also noticed the humans have become spiritually aware, and find it a result of Aizen. They have taught the humans to control their spiritual powers. New captains had been appointed, and the shinigami have tried to put aside vizard prejudice. Still, it is an ongoing struggle.

The vizard had formed their own organization, The Masked Army, accepting both vizard and rouge shinigami. The Masked Army tends to try and beat the gotei 13 to reported hollow locations, and often do because of their location on earth. They have also helped humans get in touch with their spiritual energy.

The hollow have organized under a new leader, who, unlike Barragan, wants to conquer earth more than anything. He's building his great army of Espada to mount an eventual attack on earth.

Many dangers loom in this new world. However, disturbing reports had arisen. Reports that Aizen had returned had sprouted in The Masked Army, Gotei 13, and Los Muerte. Also, other dangers lurk in the shadows, waiting to reveal themselves. Will the earth continue down the path of it's newfound prosperity, or will earth collapse under it's own weight?

~::Bleach: Rise of Diablo::~
A bleach role-play forum for any level of role player, be you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced role-player. A site dedicated to Original Characters, leaving plenty of room for development of your character. Our sites subplot system also allows virtually any player to become a part of the sites plot, no matter if your a captain, vice-captain, or low seated officer. Also, as the plot progresses, special abilities can be granted, such as Vasto-Lorde arrancar, 0 division members, segunda etapa, and more! Our site will almost always be updated with new threads, and new coding will also be added as the site goes on. We hope to see you guys join us.



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Bleach: Rise of Diablo
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