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 GoodBye Blue Sky

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PostSubject: GoodBye Blue Sky   Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:53 pm

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    Millions of eons ago, before humans filled the earth with large buildings and technology, long before the dinosaurs roamed the planet, God made his children, the angels. The angels were the most beautiful and power of all of Gods creations. Millions of years later, God decided to create the mortal humans. When God looked down on his mortal children in awe and told his angels to bow down to man, two angel brothers had an altercation that would make any of our family drama look like play time. The Archangel known as Lucifer refused, knowing that the angels shouldn't bow to these powerless mortals. After the battle between the treasonable Lucifer and his loyal brother Micheal, Lucifer was thrown into the deepest cage in hell and has been locked there tightly ever since. The once beautiful Archangel is now know to many as the devil.

    Despite the efforts of many people, it didn't take long for Lilith - the demon recreated from the vampire Maya Redfern - to break all sixty six seals that locked Lucifer away in the deepest pit of hell for so many centuries. Being Lucifers first ever demon and the final seal, Lilith knowingly and willingly sacrificed herself in the end in order to raise her father from the everlasting fire.

    The secret society known as the Night World - a large group of magical beings such as vampires, witchs, were wolves, shapeshifters etc - has been facing much corruption of it's own. Thousands of years after being put into a deep coma, the most powerful and evil shapeshifters known as dragons, have been reawakened. When the dragons rose from their slumber they brought with them ancient magic that was always believed to be only stories. Among this old magic is something called the soulmate principal. The soulmate principal states that each living being has one true soulmate in the world. That might sound cute to some, but to others it can be a living hell; Your soulmate could be absolutely anyone. It could be the worst possible person for you, or it could be the best.

    Other old magic that rose with the dragons is prophecies. Some prophecies are old written texts and others are regular people who see things before it happens. Three written prophecies have been discovered about four of the most important people to ever exist; It took a bit of time, but Circle Daybreak, who wants peace and harmony between the Night world and the Day world, have tracked down three of the four Wild Powers. Keeping them hidden in the safe house, Circle Daybreak dug up everything they could to learn about the Wild Powers. There wasn't much information on how the final battle will take place, however they learned that only they can activate the key which opens Lucifers cage. [/blockquote]


    We've all heard stories about how it would happen. There's pages upon pages of lore on it. Whether it be the four horsemen, a battle between good and evil or a fast spreading zombie virus. But the time has finally come -- The Apocalypse is now upon us. Many people sit blindly at home, glued to the TV, wondering why all of these strange things are happening. There's reports on the news everyday about random snow storms in the middle of the summer, out of control fires and wild animal attacks. Most people don't understand what's right in front of them. Of course there are plenty of people that do.

    Circle Daybreak, currently have the three Wild Powers and are restlessly searching for the fourth. They know the power that the seventeen year old's hold, and intend on using them to stop the Apocalypse. The three Wild Powers remain in the Safe House of the Daybreakers hideout, protected from all evil, including the Devil himself. Everybody is trying to get the Wild Powers, knowing that they will play a big role in stopping the end of the world.

    Now that Lucifer walks free in a temporary vessel he has released the four horsemen -- Pestilence, Famine, War and Death. Each horsemen wears a ring which they use to control their powers. But what many are unaware of is that the four rings are are keys to Lucifers cage and when brought together in the proper way, the cage can be reopened and Lucifer will once again be hurled into the dark abyss.

    For now, whether you're an ignorant mortal, a determined hunter or a blood thirsty creature of the Night, the world and everything which inhabits it is at stake. The Croatoan virus is threatening small parts of the country and will spread fast. Demons walk among us as mortals, working for Lucifer himself. Angels are now taking vessels to either help stop the Apocalypse, or help bring it on. Many can help in this battle along the way -- All help is needed to save both the Night and Day World. Many however, will do everything in their power to assist in the destruction of our world.

    Will you be one of the evil ones, determined to put an end to the entire human race? Will you be one of the the strong and the brave fighters willing to go down in battle if necessary? Or will you simply spend as much time as possible with your loved ones and prepare yourself to say Goodbye to the Blue Skies? Because at the rate the war is coming, they won't be blue much longer.
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GoodBye Blue Sky
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