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 Merlin RPG: Welcome to Camelot

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PostSubject: Merlin RPG: Welcome to Camelot    Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:20 pm

In a land of myth, and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy, his name . . . Merlin.

•Welcome to Camelot•

Camelot: a Kingdom in Albion, under the rule of a powerful king with the name Uther Pendragon. Magic has been banned and completely outlawed, with no exceptions. Anyone caught doing sorcery or socializing with any sort of magic, will immediately be arrested and potentially executed. His tolerance for magic is zero, as he continues to try and rid the kingdom of it. He has but one sole heir to the throne, Arthur Pendragon who has a secret protector: a young but powerful warlock by the name of Merlin. His destiny and task is to protect Arthur so that he can lead a great kingdom.

Camelot is a dangerous place for sorcerers and those engaged in any sort of magic. Never the less, people do practice it with the hope that it will one day be restored in Camelot. Others, who practice it for evil and selfish purposes, often plan assassinations and plots to destroy the kingdom and royal family.

Based on the BBC hit series, Merlin, come join a world of sorcerers, witches; commoners and nobles who are either fearful of these supernatural powers in the world, or encourage and support them. Made up characters are permitted. With no distinct time line, as threads are able to take place any time, any where, come join the fight for magic, or the fight against it.

Choose your status . . . choose your side . . . choose your destiny.
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Merlin RPG: Welcome to Camelot
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