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 Dark Moon Weyr (Semi-Canon DRoP) LB & AF

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PostSubject: Dark Moon Weyr (Semi-Canon DRoP) LB & AF   Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:28 am

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Facing the threat of dying out, renegades, egg theft, abandonment, and betrayal, this little Weyr in the Southern Continent is no stranger to adversity. The riders that have remained are hardy and close, more like a family than a Weyr. The young Queen and her rider, and the even younger Junior Weyrwoman, freshly Impressed, lead a weyr that is becoming well known for strange colors emerging from the Senior Queen's clutch.

Dark Moon Weyr is set in an alternative reality where AVIAS has not been discovered and Thread has not fallen in well over 400 Turns. The people of Pern believe that it is gone for good and many view the dragonriders as nuisances. However, the Red Star is looming ever closer, the Queens' clutches are getting larger and the dragons sense danger. The riders are frantically trying to train with techniques found in records and much information has been lost.

Come to see Dark Moon weyr, and join its close-knit family of riders. With three sets of werylings and a wher clutch on the sands, Dark Moon has much to do. The after-effects of a large hurricane are still being felt by the Weyr. There is Thread to prepare for and supplies to replenish. It is certainly an interesting time to be a dragonrider.

Senior Queen Kaith has risen to mate again and a new clutch has hatched, months too early. Is this the great Queen's attempt to populate her weyr before the Red Star drops its deadly ran upon the land? Now the Weyrleaders are talking about sending their precious Weyrlings back in time? What next?

The whers have been moved to Dark Moon Weyr to help prepare for thread. A visiting Queen has laid a clutch of eggs, including what looks like a Queen egg! Come get a candidate and try for an egg!

Hatching soon!

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Dark Moon Weyr (Semi-Canon DRoP) LB & AF
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