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 Vaughn Academy

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PostSubject: Vaughn Academy   Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:18 am

The Fates Have Left The Mortals Side And The Gods Are Toying With Us All.

Sweet freedom blew in the wind that night of the coming. A crystal clear sky and a blacked out world. All the stars even the ones forgotten shown brighter then the lights the mortals so dearly wanted.

A day to be scared would be this one. Light created by humans would not turn on. Fire would not light, not by force or major fault. Fear, drastic fear pours into mortals souls as they try and fight what is happening.

The Demons chuckle, the Vampires laugh. The Shape-Shifters scream and the Wereís shutter. The night of the coming will be a dreadful night.

Hidden and Forgotten lock in bloody combat to decide the mortalís fate. Itís a battle to last for centuries and more.

Cloudless pools foretell the tale leading into the future. Now you have awakened evil sent upon you with a lust for power.

The Endless battle began long ago and has begun to die down as the Forgotten retreat. Now the Hidden rest tiredly but the Forgotten is in rest and ready to rise again.

Students attend a school called Vaughn Academy, little do they know that the school is prime target for the leaders of the two groups to recruit them. Pulling them into the battle as well.

Itís good and evil lock in combat to decide the mortals fate.

Which side is good and which is evil? Which side will you join?

Click the picture to visit the school. Or Click Here: and please include your sites link and not just the advertisement
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Vaughn Academy
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