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 Shugo no Tama - A Shugo Chara Roleplay

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PostSubject: Shugo no Tama - A Shugo Chara Roleplay   Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:23 pm

    Seiyo Elementary looks like your typical elementary school. Everyone's dressed in their school uniforms, makes friends, and eventually progresses on to middle school. They even have a special elected student council; the Guardians, a committee of students working for the students and their benefit. At least, this is how it appears to be to any child's eye, or even the eyes of the teachers.

    What goes on behind the scenes, however, is a much different story. The Guardians themselves are more than just your average student council working to keep the peace and happiness of the students. Beginning with the founding king, Amakawa Tsukasa, the Guardians are a group of special children with Guardian Characters, small characters representing the would-be selves of those children. These Guardian Characters are born from that person's strong desire to follow their dreams and become who they desire to be.

    Their job description, however, is more than just paperwork, crumpets, and tea. Sometimes, children lose themselves on the path of life... Turning their Heart's Egg into an X-Egg, a representation of negative energy. There is also one other thing they desire: the Embryo, an egg that can grant any wish. Their job is to protect students from losing their way and to find and obtain the Embryo.

    While the desires of the Guardians are pure-hearted, however, the desire to obtain the Embryo isn't just a goal of the Guardians. Easter, a multifaceted corporation, also desires the Embryo, although their purposes remain unknown. Through the aid of many of its employees, they are extracting X-Eggs at accelerated rates in an attempt to find the Embryo.

    Will the Guardians prevail against Easter with the aid of their friends? Or will Easter obtain the Embryo first?
    [blockquote]Shugo no Tama is a canon-based Shugo Chara roleplay centered loosely around the Shugo Chara plotline. We are beginning at the start of the series, before Amu has joined the Guardians; her eggs have just been born, but we are in need of main canons. We will be allowing both OCs and Canon characters, and OCs will have the ability to blend into the main plot in multiple ways. There will also be many side plots, similar to "filler arcs" in the anime, created by both members and staff. Knowledge about the plotline of Shugo Chara is NOT required [unless you are playing a canon]

    Who will you fight for? Will you join Easter's regime? Will the Guardians be your choice of leadership? Or will you fight solo to obtain the Embryo for yourself?
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PostSubject: Re: Shugo no Tama - A Shugo Chara Roleplay   Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:25 pm

This should be a link-back, not a first post! Apologies for forgetting the tag; I was too busy trying to figure out the coding for the links!
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Shugo no Tama - A Shugo Chara Roleplay
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