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 Avada Kedvara

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PostSubject: Avada Kedvara    Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:46 pm

21 years ago....
The shock of Dumbledore's sudden death has worn off by now, Harry Potter is in his 6th year. With McGonagall as Headmistress, everything is looking up for the school. While trouble is just beginning outside her walls, Hogwarts is still the one place that parents can send their kids without worry. Or is it? There is a traitor in the midst of the castle, and there is a great plot brewing, a plot to not only rid the school of Minerva, but to claim it in the name of the Dark Lord. The school remains unknown to this, and continues trying to push ahead, trying to pick up the pieces that Dumbledore left in his wake. Little do they know, those pieces are about to be knocked out of their arms...

20 years ago
The plot is set for one Halloween night. Young Ashley Maylacello's been training all this time for the ultimate challenge: Kill McGonagall and claim the school as Dark Headmistress. One fateful Homecoming ball, the plan was set. Before all of the students, and much of the Graduates, Ashley slew the Headmistress, crowning herself as leader of the school.
Is there anywhere safe anymore?

2 years ago
Nineteen years after Ashley overtook the school, the dust everywhere has settled. Voldemort as overtaken much of the Wizarding world at this point. Lucius Malfoy heads the Ministry, and several other Death Eaters are employed there as well. Ashley, now a Malfoy, remains Headmistress, and Death Eaters have rooted there, as well. Though the Darkness has swept through, it's like the calmness after the storm. People have adapted, and have grown used to the everyday happenings with all political systems being controlled by Lord Voldemort.

The Order, long since forced into hiding, is slowly working its way back, gaining members, gaining strength. They aren't the only ones that Voldemort needs to fear. Even within his own standings, there are traitors afoot, ones with the most potential to bring him down from his pedestal. This is no longer a fight with Death Eaters versus Order. This is all the people who don't like the way his establishment is run, against the very few that remain loyal to him.
Where do you stand?

The war is over, and the Dark Lord has been defeated. His own flesh and blood, Marvolo Riddle, is regarded as the Wizarding world's greatest hero. Even greater than Harry Potter, who seemingly was absent through the entire war. The Wizarding word is picking up the pieces of itself, and everyone is getting their lives back together. The very few remaining loyal Death Eaters are in hiding, rarely seen. It seems like everything is looking up after all.

Or is it? What happens when Harry Potter realizes he's no longer the Boy who Lived, no longer the household story? And what happens when the new hero and his group, the Omega, turns out to be looking for more than just fame and glory? It's all up to you.

This is
Avada Kedvara

Reasons to Join
+Friendly, extremely active staff.
+Open plots.
+Plenty of Free canons.
+Old site, been through a lot.
+Experienced RPers.
+Plenty of places to post.
+Lots of Jobs available to sign up.
+Members are tight knit.
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Avada Kedvara
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