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 TPO: A Percy Jackson RPG

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PostSubject: TPO: A Percy Jackson RPG   Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:52 pm

A new prophecy, spoken by the Oracle that has everyone baffled; meanwhile, new half-bloods are popping up all over the world, being claimed and sent to Camp Half-Blood. Now, as Percy Jackson and his friends struggle to figure out what the prophecy means, as well as working to re-build Camp Half-Blood and Mount Olympus, and get the new demi-gods settled in at camp, a new evil is brewing that will test the fate of the world left over after Kronos’ defeat.

On top of that, Percy is still haunted by memories of the night that Kronos and his army were defeated. The most dominant of these memories is Luke Castellan’s self-sacrifice in order to save the world and send Kronos back to Tartarus. Because of that memory, Percy is having visions – coming to him in his dreams – of Luke returning to Camp in an attempt to make up for his betrayal. Now, Percy can’t help but wonder if his vision will come true.

Meanwhile, a new demi-god has been discovered wandering around New York, and is immediately brought to Camp. Nineteen-year old Damien Di Angelo was a runaway who spent 86 years trapped in the Lotus Hotel in Las Vegas and has only just discovered that he is a son of Hades. Upon his arrival at Camp, he meets his fellow demi-gods, including his brother Nico – a full blood brother he never knew about. As Damien struggles to grasp the new life he’s been thrust into, the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not he is involved with the prophecy.

Will Percy’s vision about Luke come true? Is Damien involved with the prophecy? And if so, what will happen when he’s faced with his destiny? And what will happen when he decides that he wants Annabeth for his own? One battle has been won, but another one waits; which side will you be on?

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TPO: A Percy Jackson RPG
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