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 Anima Bellum - +Anima RP

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PostSubject: Anima Bellum - +Anima RP    Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:07 am


A War Has Begun

In Astaria and Sailand, relations have always been strained between regular humans and the +anima. But lately, for reasons unknown, more and more people have begun to gain animas at an alarming rate, and less people are losing them.

Humans began to live in fear of the +anima. Fear that they might one day out number regular humans, or that they may start to revolt against the societies that had treated them unfairly.

That was why they were the first to start the war.

Approximately two years after the journeys of Cooro, Husky, Senri, and Nana, Sailand and Astaria are in states of chaos, with both governments launching campaigns to not only enslave, but completely eliminate the +anima.

For the +anima, who now have to fight for their very lives, neutrality isn't an option. Forced to fight back, the +anima have divided into factions based upon their beliefs. Vindico - which simply fights for freedom and equality, Caminus - reluctant +anima who believe that the governments should focus on finding ways to remove animas and stop their spread through science instead of violence, and Fatum - +anima who believe that it is their time to rise over humans and that +anima should assume control as the dominant species.

Dividing into factions of their own, the humans continue to seek them out in the groups of Dignitas - Astaria's army, Supernus - Sailand's army, and Acies - enslaved +anima that are forced to fight against their own kind or face death themselves.

In these uncertain times, it's become hard to say what tomorrow will bring. But one thing that is certain, is that things will never go back to how they were before. In one way or another, whether through a truce or through extinction, the rivalry between humans and +anima has reached its climax and is heading towards its end.

What conclusion will be reached? That's up to you as this war rages on.

Survive The Darkness To Find Tomorrow

  • Based on the +Anima manga, but completely open to those not familiar with the series. +Anima are similar to a shifter race, and all the is given.

  • Play as your favorite character from the manga, a high ranking canon created specifically for the board, or a completely original character! You can have as many characters as you can keep active - no character amount limit!

  • Features a simple, but actual "game" aspect - use the "money" system and a bit of luck to claim territories and challenge other RPers in opposing factions for theirs. Each faction also has a private base, and can attack the bases of others. The actions that members make with these systems will create events that will determine the course of the plot.

  • Has many other unique systems, including a traveling system, duels at The Coliseum, and multiple shops.

  • Active admin who wont abandon the board.

  • Staff positions open!

  • Open to all levels of writing, with a 150 word count.
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Anima Bellum - +Anima RP
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