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 Behind x The x Mask; an orginial superpower rp

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PostSubject: Behind x The x Mask; an orginial superpower rp    Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:25 pm

[ C U R R E N T --- T I ME; 3031 ]

Sampi Island, an island made especially for the Sigmas. To start anew, to separate themselves from the humans and live peacefully. Some humans have taken this chance to change their own lives also, moving to the island with everything they have. Jobs, schools, and shops are all here in Upsilon City for them all to start their new lives.

Kappa Academy, a highly overpopulated school for the students to be educated for the future. It's also a way for the Sigmas to train their powers and learn to control them. Nothing is normal in this school as everyday is lively and wild with the diversity of students.

The Headmaster is no peace maker as the punishments for breaking the rules are harsh. Including her famous 'take care of the Special Ed Class' for a class full of misbehaving kids. Who could this Headmaster be? Her name is Shiba Minako, also nicknamed 'Headmaster Shiva' because of her wicked ways. Even though she's only in her 30s, she hates being called 'Old' and would punish anyone who tests her.

Surely, you believe peace is upon this wonderful island. Though you could hardly call the island peaceful... To any extent.

The Underground City has been turned into a slum, and death rates are increasing. Criminal rates are sky rocketing. The authorities are getting scared, bounties are placed up to capture troublemakers.

The Founders of Project Digamma have returned. They're making a move, and this time... They're aiming for Upsilon City & The Underground City for their New Project. Kids are disappearing from their homes and parents are being outraged. Is it the Founders kidnapping the children, or is it someone else...?
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Behind x The x Mask; an orginial superpower rp
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