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PostSubject: Mist&Shadow    Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:01 am


The world of Amana - the beautiful land of the four magical races. The Elves, Fairies, Dragons, and Witches prospered together in their perfect home. The peace lasted for thousands of years. But it was always destined to end. The ruling Lord of the Witches decided he was not content with his small piece of paradise. Thus began the First War.

That was nearly two hundred years ago. The war lasted only ten years, and the Witches were stopped. A council was created to keep the peace in a place called Spinta, the tiny piece of neutral territory that bordered the four great nations. But the squabbles continued despite the best efforts of the ambassadors.Today the four nations are at peace, albeit a shaky peace. It is clear that all sides are tired of the fighting, but know it is not yet at the end. And recent events are making the coming war seem all that more likely.

But that's not all Amana has to worry about. Little do they know that their island is not the only one, nor that they are not the only beings in this world. The other nations from across the seas have caught sight of Amana and are coming to see the new land. Will the visitors become a common enemy to unite the kingdoms or new allies to further tear them apart?


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