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 ZapdosZulu Welcomes you I am Jessecast

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PostSubject: ZapdosZulu Welcomes you I am Jessecast   Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:25 pm

[color:055e=B8860B]Pokémon HeartGold & [color:055e=708090]SoulSilver Roleplay
The [color:055e=B8860B]Heart and [color:055e=708090]Soul of Pokémon Roleplaying.
Based on the highly anticipated remakes, but not bound completly by them.

Hello everyone I am Jessecast and i am from a site called . It is a text based forum Role Play that you play as a pokemon trainer and progess throughout the pokemon world. Currently you can RP in the Johto region Kanto will be coming sometime soon. You get to chose from 3 of the Kanto starters Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. There is a chance to get other starters from events and by pulling in new members like i am trying to do.

Getting Started
1. Register.
2. Create your own Character. Make sure you mention me Jessecast
3. Visit Prof. Oak's Lab for instructions on how to receive your first Pokémon and enjoy the roleplaying fun.

In this RP you can catch many pokemon and maybe meet some new friends so join the Revolution that has infected the World Wide Web.(click anywhere it says for the link.)

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ZapdosZulu Welcomes you I am Jessecast
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