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 Sanguo Shidai

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PostSubject: Sanguo Shidai   Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:17 am

Sanguó Shídài
A Romance of the Three Kingdoms Roleplay Forum

To the North two famed Warlords beat the drums of power, colliding in opinion and desires of each others lands making their relation tainted with incoherence; neighbours at quarel. The former being a noble whose family served the Empire faithfully for four generations, the esteemed Yuan Shao. While the latter, a distinct man of military and general whose talents are unclear; foolish or clever, no one is the wiser. Gongsun Zan. Surrounding Lu Bu of Puyang is a man of reckoning, strategies circulate in his mind and his ideals must be closely watched.

Towards the Empire he bows but his gaze is to the future that he wishes to carve; Cao Cao. Travelling South would present arrogance in its finest form, the younger brother of Yuan Shao, a man whose temperament is short and easily lit. Fame is his desires and riches common place with all that he performs; Yuan Shu. An undistated Govenor is upon his borders, one that is known for loyalty and political precision; but lacks in ambition and of course the vital comodity, drive.

Wang Lang. However, there is one that Yuan Shu must concern himself, another bordering Warlord that takes the persona of a tiger to heart and wields a blade for justice, family honour and the dreams of his ancestors. Sun Ce. Taking the Central stage, two beings of the same household and of course Imperial lineage is their advantage; yet their aspirations unclear. One, Liu Bei, a mat weaver who is known for kindness and promotion of 'virture'; yet these are still things to truely see.

The other, Liu Biao, an astute man whose strategies are without question, his followers loyal and of the hardest material; however, he has gained his fatal flaw through the 'dear' wife. A tongue of steel that could bend her husband into any direction she wished. Journey to the West and fine another of the royal clansmen, Liu Yan, one who is driven by ambition and has secret interests of his own; but as so many, has yet to embark on the harsh path to attain them. Finally, the North Western regions of the mountains. A Commander of cavalry and leader of knowledgable veterans, who takes great care in knowing which path is for him. Ma Teng.

All hold the hilt of a blade firmly, not knowing which foot to place forward first as their gaze is upon each other; one must act..though even the sages of old could not decide which one would ascend to highest command, or possibly, to embrace the Dragon and hold the Heavens within their grasp...

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Sanguo Shidai
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