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 Infinite Vitality

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IV Admin

PostSubject: Infinite Vitality   Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:45 am

Level: Intermediate
Type: Cannon Reincarnation Anime/Manga Mutli-fandom
Species being played: Human
Other: All members have a say, and can suggest at any time what they think might improve the site. Every member has the potential to become a moderator and from there possibly an admin when positions are opened.

Note: The Infinite Vitality staff is dedicated to its members and their enjoyment and cater to their needs as long as they remain within reasonable measures so that everyone can enjoy themselves during their time at Infinite Vitality. The IV staff is always looking to improve and in need of your feedback, whether you are just visiting or become a member, and the head admin is always looking for dedicated people to join the staff team.

IV is set in Nagoya, Japan, far into the future, however it is far from being futuristic due to an epidemic that all but wiped out the viable population of the country and the world several millennial ago. It was for this reason that the Greater Entity decided to reincarnate those who had lost their lives or at least had been alive during and before the epidemic had spread throughout the world. While they retain their family, appearance and personality as well as the red string of fate which attaches them to their true life partner, they remember nothing. Nor do they retain the powers they had once upon a time, but may excel in something... such as martial arts, sword-play, singing if their powers had even a small element in that in their previous life. However they are all human now and must live as such. This means too, that super villains that had super powers may now only be leaders of something like the yakuza.

Find out at
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Infinite Vitality
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