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 Naruto-X 3.0

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PostSubject: Naruto-X 3.0   Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:33 am


After the finishing battle with the last of the Akatsuki members, Naruto had settled down as the new Hokage for a while, well known as maybe one of the most powerful Hokage's ever in the position, he enjoyed the peace and quiet. Some Akatsuki still lurked out there in the wilderness, and maybe even more are joining. Shortly after Naruto received his new position, he began thinking of everyone who had helped him to where he is now, all his Genin days with Kakashi, and his teacher Jaraiya who was sadly killed by the Akatsuki, and his good friends who he had many adventures with. Naruto swore he would kill every Akatsuki member still alive no matter what it takes. After a few days the Hokage awoke to a message from the Mist Village, the Mizukage at this time was now at peace with Konoha, and the Hokage, though they made very few connections. The letter he had received was a warning about the Akatsuki's new plans, the wielder of the 8 tailed Bijuu was caught and killed along with the extraction of the Bijuu, Akatsuki now had every Bijuu besides Kyuubi. The Akatsuki had new plans, which was to now use force and destroy everything in their path to acquire the final Bijuu.

Akatsuki members began training very hard and became very powerful to great levels. Kakashi Hatake, who was residing within Konoha, heard word of what was going on and quickly warned others of what may happen soon, the end of Konoha. Kakashi Hatake confronted Naruto about the situation as soon as he could, Naruto knew very well of what was about to go down and he didn't like it one bit. Calling in some old friends, he positioned them to protect the village, and village only, Naruto began preparing everything. Informing the current Raikage, Tsuchikage, and Kazekage. The Akatsuki were up to no good and grew very fast, after a few week's, the Tsuchikage, Raikage, Kazekage, and Mizukage entered Konoha meeting with the Hokage Naruto. The Kages discussed what they should do, they had agreed on facing the Akatsuki before they had reached the village and defeat them far from the village to keep it safe.

The Kages got word from a traveler saying the Akatsuki have regrew, and are now on their way with great speeds to Konoha, The 5 Kages left out to block the Akatsuki, and defeat them. With Kakashi, Sakura, Hinata, and the rest of the ninja defending Konoha, and possibly any other villages in the area, Naruto and the Kages set out. Shortly after traveling they cut the Akatsuki off in their tracks, now face to face with their enemy's, a large battle began. The battle was long and tiring, but by the looks of it, the Kages took the advantage in the battle and began driving the Akatsuki back slowly. The battle began turning in many ways and each side began having huge downsides, the Kages were pushed back with the release of a new power the Akatsuki had obtained known as the Mangekyo Sharingan, along with many other unique Kekkei Genkai's they had. The Kages were pushed back to a point where they had to retreat and warn the villages of the attack, but Naruto still had power left and told them to go while he held them off. Unleashing the Kyuubi tails, he went up to 5 tails, he fought the Akatsuki hard holding them back for a while, unexpectedly, he was hit with a Genjutsu from a very powerful user, he was paused momentarily as the Akatsuki began forming a seal like form and began casting a new never seen Jutsu, as Naruto slowly formed into his 8 tail form, they had sealed his power away and knocked him unconscious, then capturing him and returning to their base. As the rest of the Kages rested up, and waited for the return of Naruto, they decided they would depart back out to finish this battle.

As they each returned to the area they had previously battled them, Naruto, along with the Akatsuki were gone, they began searching everywhere for him hoping he lived and was not captured. The Akatsuki took Naruto back to their base and began the extraction process on Naruto to finally complete their long quest, the process finished and the Kyuubi was now fully sealed inside of the King Of Hell statue. The healing abilities of Kyuubi kept him alive as the Kyuubi exited his body allowing him to live, thinking Naruto was dead, the Akatsuki continued with their plans and began using the power of the Bijuu inside of the statue. Before it was complete, Naruto stepped up and saw what was going on, attacking the Akatsuki from behind in a attempt to stop them, he was defeated once again but managed to escape just with his life, but incredibly wounded. The Akatsuki continued with what they were doing, realizing the statue was acting strangely, it began cracking and leaking chakra, the quickly worked to see what was going on, the statue exploded with chakra and knocked all the Akatsuki out, coming to their senses, the saw 9 great Bijuu standing before them looking at each other as if a war was about to take place, the Akatsuki fled the area knowing they couldn't take all this power at once, or do anything about it. The 9 Bijuu began fighting each other with great rage unleashing everything they got, the battle was long and power wasting, they continued fighting for a while letting out large amounts of power around the entire world, the power acted somewhat like a "virus", it made new clans and new Kekkei Gankais that began to grow and form into new and better things. Kyuubi, the strongest and most successful in this battle so far decided it was pointless to continue this fight, so he quickly fled the battle, Nibi and Yonbi followed him agreeing with what he chose. During the rest of the battle, Shukaku slipped away knowing he wouldn't stand any chance if this continued any longer, the rest of the Bijuu slowly stopped their battle and began walking their own path. Nibi and Yonbi both split paths with Kyuubi and were now on each of their own paths.

Naruto, with all the strength he had left, saw what happened and hurried back to Konoha slowly, but at a good enough pace to reach there before he passes out and takes his last breath, as he knew it would be soon. Naruto took a blank scroll from his coat and began writing a letter of what had happened just recently, he fled back to Konoha quickly after writing the note, as he closed in on the gate to Konoha, he slowly passed it as ninja looked at him in confusion thinking he was with the rest of the Kage, though the other Kages had already returned to their own village. Naruto collapsed as soon as he passed the entrance, everyone ran to him quickly to help him but it was no use..Naruto had died. The scroll in his coat was looked at and read, knowing what happened, all the villages began slowly calming down and returning to their peaceful ways. All but Konoha, who was still sad over the death of Naruto. It was very hard living there for some and they began traveling out to different villages hoping to soon forget everything that happened, especially the death of the young legend, Naruto.

With new Kekkei Genkai's, and new powers, new Ninja rise fourth to claim new titles and become their way to be the best Ninja in history!
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Naruto-X 3.0
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