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 truth beneath deceit [atla]

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PostSubject: truth beneath deceit [atla]    Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:33 pm

It has been two years since the day Avatar Aang defeated Firelord Ozai, leading him to prison along with his daughter Azula. Soon after, the four nations were at peace as they strived to help each other to restore cities and villages after the war. Leading the effort was Firelord Zuko and at his side Avatar Aang. A year into the restoration of the nations, Aang decided to depart from the Fire Nation and began a search to find other Air Nomads that could still be alive. Katara, Sokka, and Toph stayed with Zuko in the Fire Nation to assist in any way they could to get lives back to normal after countless years of war. But no matter how Zuko ruled the Fire Nation, whispers of rebellion continued throughout his country.

These threats seemed harmless and lacking in power, but word reached Zuko that his father, Ozai, and his sister Azula had escaped prison. To make matters worse, a plague has started to infect the citizens of the Fire Nation. No one knows where it came from, but all they know it is starting panic in the hearts of the people. Some believe this is an omen that Zuko is not the right ruler. What they donít know that this plague is controlled by an organization against Zukoís reign. They call themselves Verto.

They are just regular looking citizens and benders to others, but they are the one who have created a poison to infect their victims. Their leaders are the ones who broke Ozai and Azula out of prison and made negotiations to ruin the Firelordís trust with the people. Ozai and Azula are stirring up rebellion discreetly along with the Dai Li Agents that follow Azulaís every command. Slowly the Verto are infiltrating toward the other nations and the Fire Nation palace to take down Aang and his allies for good.

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truth beneath deceit [atla]
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