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 pokemon anrui! [where training is banned]

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PostSubject: pokemon anrui! [where training is banned]    Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:07 am

A dark, desolate island ruled by Team Plasma. Pokémon training is illegal, and trainers who are discovered are routinely arrested. Rescue attempts are few - the trainers who do survive the raids are too paranoid to go back for their comrades.

They police the area relentlessly. Trainers were forced into hiding. Professor Ava still gives out starter Pokémon to anybody who wants one - but she's under constant scrutiny by Team Plasma. Underground leagues were formed, and back-alley gym matches are still held.

Even the Pokémon have adapted to their environment. They display colors that aren't usually present.

Rise up against Team Plasma and put an end to their military rule, once and for all!

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pokemon anrui! [where training is banned]
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