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 The Bleach Alliance

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PostSubject: The Bleach Alliance   Mon Jun 21, 2010 5:15 pm

Why don't you join The Bleach Alliance harem? The Kazinji compels you!

So a scot, a black guy and yer'maw walk into a bar...

Our story does not begin with a struggle for the right to govern the souls of humans between Arrancar and Shinigami, nor a peaceful time. Tired of the role of pawns to the Gods humans who have become spiritually enriched due to exposure have banded together at ever alarming rates to assemble something of a standing army, a violent and dangerous multiple headed beast which now strives to eliminate the shinigami occupation of the living realm. Karakura Town, that inevitable axis for supernatural occurrences, has become the epicenter for the battle, dragging down shinigami, hollow, and human alike. Caught in a war with an enemy they never anticipated, already sporting a grave wound inflicted so quickly, and unable to protect those they were created to maintain the struggle has taken on a desperate feel for the Gotei. With newly dead souls lost in a realm it has now become dangerous to tread for a soul reaper, the spiritual cycle has been disrupted and balance upset. However the Gotei's injury does not end there, as there is no unifying hand to steady and fortify their ranks. With the loss of their Commodore Divisions are disjointed and independent, left to their own devices and goals.

For the humans the battle is much more than an immature and misunderstood cry for respect. Those constant downtrodden have grown weary with the weight of a war that left their large numbers voiceless, and the damage theirs alone to bear. The multitude of spiritually aware humans that have thrown their lot in with the other spiritual beings that constitute the population of Karakura Town have turned the tables upon both their predators (the Hollow) and their shepherds (the Gotei), a flock willing to be led no longer. It is now as dangerous for a Gotei reaper as it is for one of the Soldados del Reyna to traverse the wary and vigilant streets of Karakura Town and many other places throughout the living world.

This is where our story begins, a Gotei without its leader, snatched away by the very people they are tasked with defending while the Arrancar, an ever looming threat to all, are emerging with a new face at their helm, a face promising to deliver them the dominance they've always wanted.


  • Bereft of Leader and assailed by enemies on every side, there has never been a more unsure time for the formidable Gotei. As an organization the group must balance a dedicated and prolonged assault on the forces of the Arrancar with a more delicate and shocking campaign against humans with powers that have arisen. If you choose a Shinigami you willingly accept the paramount task of keeping humanity safe from the dangers of the Hollow while subjecting those humans who would see you overthrown to payment with blood.


  • Thousands of years have passed since the very first Arrancar began to arise from the dark incubator that is the all but vacant sands of Hueco Mundo. Since their arrival the hybrid hollow have sought nothing but the complete domination of their birth lands and the sovereignty that would come with such a conquest. At long last it would appear the Arrancar have what they want: the dimension, and the organization to pose a serious threat to the Shinigami's own paramilitary outfit. Under one true Reyna, the Queen of the bastard children Arrancar, there is one goal: to reverse the fortunes of the Hollow and place them at the top of the soul food chain. Their numbers are full of youths, the potential of this group astoundingly far beyond any other due to the rawness of the talent. Why the lack of age and experience? Chalk it up to the revolt that passed within this decade which saw these children supplant their Lords as the new cadre of officers to their own monarch.


  • Those beings who have chosen to do away with the protection of the Shinigami. Or rather, the interference of those spiritual beings. The Humans of Karakura Town have decided to take an active role in the protection of their town and of themselves, sick and tired of the frivolous means in which they feel the Shinigami deal with them. The people of Karakura Town are sick of having their homes and buildings destroyed by the quarrels of Shinigami and hollow while left idle on the sidelines, with no task but to repair the damage and wait for the next onslaught. Members who choose to create a human have the decidedly challenging task of throwing off the yolk of the Gotei while at the same time fending off the encroaching Arrancar. Add onto that an inherent need for some sort of rank and file or organization and you have the makings of a disaster if cooperation is not utilized by your character(s).


  • To start not a whole lot. Quincy go ahead and be emo because the Gotei wrecked your house once upon a time, Vizard you can fall into your familiar role as fugitives on the lam. Hollow and Mod Souls are not playable races, so no need to worry your pretty little heads over what they'll be nudged into doing just yet.

we are entirely smooth
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The Bleach Alliance
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