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 Shinobi Armada

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PostSubject: Shinobi Armada   Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:46 pm

A Roleplay Forum based around the manga of Naruto

Birth of the New Era; The Akatsuki, The Bijuu and the Unknown Threat

Journal Entry: 4685

Date: August 7th

Night time; cloudy, ominous

So the time has truly come. I did not think I could fear something. To be honest, I believed that I did not fear anything in my life. To me, fear is an illusion that we have to bind ourselves in the current position that we stand and yet this is the one thing that places a dark stain in my mind. Damnable as it may be, I do not think that this fear would overwhelm me. As calm as I can get, my stirs and I believe that the few who know me see past that

I cannot stay long. I do not know how long I'll have till I have to leave. I wish I could stay, I wish I could postpone the day that I would have to leave yet it is the enevitable. Time, beautiful as she may be, she is also cruel, relentless and most certainly, unforgiving. I cannot hate her though I at times, I wish to comprimise with her. She'll keep on with her relentless attitude and I'll have to respect this.

Everything that has happen over the past 160 years has been nothing more than a plan. A gigantic plan that has been set in motion way before the jinchuuriki, known as Naruto Uzumaki, lead the fourth shinobi war against the formidable Akatsuki. Even after their defeat, the plan was still in motion. It was set into motion longer than the villages were formed. Whomever he is, he's known about my existance. To him, or her, I haven't truly decided upon which gender this person is but I'm assuming it's a man, it has been one giant chess game. What's funny about this chess game is the fact that each time a pawn, a rook, a knight, a bishop or a queen falls, it seems that the player can create more pieces out of thin air. No matter how many times these pieces are destroyed, more pieces begin to form. A never ending game to him and to be honest, it's annoying.

Ever since the Jubi returned into existance, it seems that there has been war after war after war that I've been in. I've killed many people, thousands maybe? Hundred of thousands, maybe the millions. All for what? I thought I knew, I truly did. But looking now as I am writing what maybe my last journal entry, it seems I may have been blind. Sometimes I wish I could ressurect Uchiha Madara just to get the sense of killing him personally. Though I do not think kicking the ass of a puppet would make me any happier. I remain in a calm yet solemn moon tonight. Looks like it might storm a bit. I do not know.

Their is one piece of evidence that I have. Though just a title, it brings fear to those who are under his control. Many names may include the blood lord, the man who craves blood flowers and a fan favorite for conspiracy theorist, the blood gatherer and Crimson King. I give him a name that suits him very well; Rain Man. Only seeking destruction to let the blood soak into the world trhough a heavy storm that is against good and evil. He wants the ocean to be a dark red, the trees to spout out red leaves in the spring and summer. Blood is what he wants and he gets it without even blinking. I hope this generation sees this. I hope my son and daughters and there children will stop this king. This generation will suffer another great shinobi war and if they dont stop them here, I fear that this king will not stop afterwards. If this king gets the bijuu again, then may my heart be at ease.

The years after the following events of the fourth great shinobi war, the evil that the majority of people thought had disappeared only slipped in the shadows once agian. The Akatsuki, a puppet organisation to the few who knew about it, became something of an icon for future terrorist organisation. Madara Uchiha, who had revived the Jubi from it's dormant slumber, died in the final battle (assuming that there is a final battle), his body went back into the ground. But what happen to the Jubi was a mystery. The kages of the time wanted to hunt down the Jubi for it was a destructive force that had to be stopped...or in which case, to be controlled.

No shinobi could control this force for it was chakra that was beyond demonic. It's chakra was powerful and out of fear, the kages hunted it down. Foolishly for seventy-five years the villages attempt to control the Jubi was a fail, every single time. A collective group of shinobi of power described as "gods among men" came into existance. Where they came from was a mystery at the time. This collective group sought out and found the Jubi to wage war among it. This collective group sacrifice everything they had, even their lives, to seal away this dark stain in human history. It was during this time that the sixth great shinobi war was occuring. In history, one might proclaim this to be the most chaotic time in shinobi history.

It was a great risk but the deed was done. The Jubi was sealed away but not on earth, but on the skies that go beyond that. Thousands of lives were lost during this time and even nine out of twelve shinobi who risked their own lives, died in the process. The three left sent it into the black sky upward, hoping to never see the abomination of chakra again. During this eighty-five year gap, there were two great shinobi wars that occured. History became legend, and legend became myth. It has only been five decades after the eight shinobi war and there has been incidences where the ninth shinobi war could set off but that beast remain dormant.

Evil never disappears....it only hides itself and waits....

The Jubi was sealed way in large earthly material. This material was said to seal away even the most potent and evil of chakras. It was the basis for sealing the Jubi and it was reasonable at the time. What was not known to this collective group was the fact that the Jubi's chakra became greater than what the material could handle. The seal and the material began to wither away slowly. With this deteroiating process, the Jubi manipulated the material allowing it to travel back to this shinobi world. Fifty years ago, the Jubi made it's appearance once again but instead from arising from the earth, it struck from the sky, falling down from the heavens destroying a village in the process (Iwagakure). But manipulating such power for the Jubi exhausted it completely and in order for it to be fully restored, he split himself up into nine sepearte spirits so that they may become strong and powerful in order for himself to be fully restored. The Jubi then split himself into nine creatures staring from the Ichibi to the Kyuubi

And so set in motion the storyline of Shinobi Armada

(Note: Timeline is set up 155 years after the manga's storyline)

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These Mods are the ones who (in general) approve and unapprove character, jutsu, bloodline ect. As well as move the topics in creation to their appropriate place. Requirements: Have at minimum a basic knowledge of the Narutoverse, including, an understanding of Jutsu, Jutsu Ranks, Ninja Ranks, ect.

Global Mods:
These Mods are basically the police of the Forum, their job is to watch over everything and make sure the site is running smoothly. Their Duties may include; moding Character/Jutsu/ect., watching over battles to make sure everything makes sense, moving topics, making sure the rules are followed. Requirements: Knowledge of the rules, an understanding of Jutsu, Jutsu Ranks, Ninja Ranks, ect. a knowledge of forum mechanics.

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Due to the need to create more lower ranking members, Jounin and Chuunin are almost closed. The two villages currently open are Konoha and Kumo, however a third will be opening when the member count of active members increases. Currently Akatsuki and missing nin are also closed for the same reasoning.

Please note we also allow 3 characters per person.

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