A Naruto based RPG Forum. Non-canon characters and guaranteed unique system. The epitome of a five year forum RPG tradition.
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 Endless Horizon

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Jōnin of Kirigakure
Jōnin of Kirigakure

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PostSubject: Endless Horizon   Tue Nov 10, 2009 10:18 am

Well herro there! Let me introduce to you Endless Horizon, a little site that is sure to grab your attention!

Here, you'll find all the Role Playing you'll ever need, be it that you're into anime, fantasy roleplaying, Sci-Fi or Modern, among others! Be them Canon [already made] or Original [your own idea!], this is the place to let them go wild. There are also stuff for non-RP'ers, those who do not consider themselves roleplayers, through discussion boards, forum games and even debate sections! Because we damn well know some of you love to argue. Among our current Roleplaying projects are: But that's only a small taste! Don't find something that catches your interest? Then make one yourself! It's easy and simple, and you're sure to have the support of Endless Horizon's staff, along with members.

Socialise! Meet new members everyday, talk to everyone both on board and on the chatbox located at the bottom of every page. Roleplay! Make up to three characters maximum on each RP, of any organisation and strength, of any gender and race! Play! Mafia Games, and general humour everywhere you go! Create! Make up your own Roleplay, your own project where you control the rules, or post up your art/writing - anything goes! Endless Horizon! Be a part of it, love it, be it, your surely not to regret it! Come on down and enjoy!

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Endless Horizon
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