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 Amakaze, Kyoujin

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PostSubject: Amakaze, Kyoujin   Thu Sep 18, 2014 8:54 pm

Amakaze, Kyōjin
General Information
Amakaze Kyōjin
Maken[Cursed Sword]
Clan Affiliation:
Formerly Mori Amakaze
Reputation Level:

Character Traits
Estimated Age:
Hair Color:
A dark crimson red.
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Light Tan
Lean, Little Muscle Definition
Estimated Height/Weight:
5'7"; 132 lbs.
Unique Characteristics:
A decorative white mask that covers the upper half of his face concealing his eyes. He hasn't been seen without it since he left his clan.
Additional Information


  • Calm
  • Humble
  • Brooding
  • Reserved
  • Intelligent
  • Resourceful
  • Disciplined
  • Trust Issues
  • Master Swordsman
  • Likes High Places
  • Dislikes Dishonesty

Historical Biography

  • Second and last biological child of Amakaze Tōjin. Younger brother of former Amakaze clan, Amakaze Heijin.
  • Before Birth: Amakaze clan gains influence and becomes revered as one of the most powerful combat forces within the water country.
  • Year 0: During a raid the Amakaze clan destroys a village and burns it to the ground. After examining the surroundings for signs of life they find the sole survivor of the incident, a baby. They decide to take the child along with them and give her the name Shinobu. Was too young to take part in the event, although Heijin did.
  • Year 0: Amakaze Clan encounters the Mori clan for the first time.
  • Year 0-10: War between the Amakaze and Mori clans claim many lives on both sides.
  • Year 2-12: Trained in the Amakaze clan combat arts, however he was also trained more extensively in ninjutsu and its theories as times dictated the clan expand its combat repertoires much to the displeasure of the Amakaze elders. Like his brother was skilled in swordplay and even spoken to have a better grasp of ninjutsu technical theories, but as the second son in a combat oriented clan he was not outright groomed for leadership and some called his additional knowledge a hindrance to the famed Amakaze battle senses. He doesn't become bitter and instead tries to make himself useful to his father and elder brother.
  • Year 10: Heijin is named leader of the Amakaze clan after Amakaze Tōjin's death in battle at the hands of Mori Seishi. Heijin and Seishi agree to peace to end all the war and death. Kyōjin understands his brother's decision to side with the Mori and puts his trust in them as asked.
  • Year 11: Forms a friendship with the young Mori heir, Mori Seito as the two are the same age and often train and work together. Though Kyōjin has trouble relating to and accepting Seito at first due to the difference in their work and trainings, as he was not being groomed as an heir unlike Seito. They remain somewhat close despite Kyōjin constantly being sent away for other missions by Amakaze elders, so that the second son "doesn't become more enthralled with unnecessary knowledge" from the young Mori heir.
  • Year 12: Begins action as a shinobi and takes on tasks and jobs of the skill level and type that Heijin used to do for their father. Although know it is for the benefit of the Amakaze clan's role within the Mori and their Oda allies.
  • Year 15: Reaching what he feels are the limits of his abilities as a shinobi, Kyōjin searches for new ways to improve his skills and try and reach his elder brother's level. The answer he finds is by combining the theoretical knowledge of ninjutsu techniques with his swordplay. Not only was he able to channel an elemental energy like his brother and leader, but his theoretical knowledge led to him being able to use and apply seals.
  • Year 16-20: The Mori clan is betrayed by the Oda. Much fighting breaks out and casualties become common. Warring with the samurai clan is imminent and the Amakaze are tasked to use their combat skills on the front lines.
  • Year 17: Heijin is killed while protecting Mori Seishi and Mori Seito. Kyōjin doesn't know the details, but because he, nor other key members of the Amakaze clan are informed feelings of betrayal by the Mori begin to surface amongst him and other clan members. Mori Seishi is later confirmed dead. As the last remaining of the main bloodline, Kyōjin is named new head of the Amakaze clan.
  • Year 17: Wishes to continue to believe in the Mori clan slowly fade as Kyōjin is not able to see his friend Seito who is still recovering, and Mori Sō takes charge of the Mori clan. Her aggressive stance something his elder brother had previously been wary of.
  • Year 18-20: Fought for the Mori in order to take back the forests and secure a safe haven for themselves once more. Wars spread from taking on the Oda to the samurai order in general. Slowly begins to realize his power alone is not enough. Feelings of doubt about being able to lead the Amakaze surface.
  • Year 20: Fatigued by the constant battles and confused as to what to do in the future, a Coup d'tat within the Amakaze, started by elders and Mori clan members seeking to take control of their combat power takes place. A civil war breaks out among the small amount of remaining members, and forgetting his skills are on par with their previous leaders, Kyōjin is attacked and forced to kill his own men, his own family.
  • Year 21: Feeling entirely responsible for the conflict, Kyōjin , sets out to personally drive out any hints of weakness in himself and his clan which leads to two major events. The first was pushing his theories to a level that was deemed to dangerous, a level that awoke a cursed power within him. The voice of reason of his friend Seito not present to stop him as he was too busy learning to control the power his father had left him behind. The second was the slaughtering of the Amakaze clan elders that rebelled against him, leaving only younger members of his beloved clan still within the Mori. The members that he spared to tell the tale saw his new dark power and using the naming sense and skill specialty of his family as the basis gave him the name "Maken"(Cursed Sword). With this incident he resigned as the head of the Amakaze clan and left any further control of it to his old friend Seito, but not before leaving him the heads of the Mori clan members who instigated the coup to try and allow the Mori more control over the Amakaze in the first place. He merely left his friend with the words "Are you happy now? Is this what you needed to create your balance? Is this your version of peace?" after giving him control, not knowing if he had been involved or not and not sticking around to listen to any excuses.
  • Year 22-Present: Feeling unimaginable emotional pain, betrayal, and helpless on many levels. Kyōjin leaves the Mori clan and its forest behind. He now looks for a place he can belong, now awoken to a cursed power that many fear without any family to hold dear. His blood now tainted. Hatred and rage firmly set within his soul. He has lost everything. Even a purpose.

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PostSubject: Re: Amakaze, Kyoujin   Sat Sep 20, 2014 10:23 pm

yeah yeah yeah

mister story with mori.

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Amakaze, Kyoujin
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