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 Mori Seito

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PostSubject: Mori Seito   Tue Sep 16, 2014 2:00 pm

Mori Seito
森 生徒
General Information
Mori Seito
Seikatsu Seito
One-Eyed Fox
Reputation Level:

Character Traits
Estimated Age:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Blue; Green*
Skin Color:
Slim; Muscular
Estimated Height/Weight:
5'10"; 160 lbs.
Unique Characteristics:
Full-Face Mask with a red sun
Eye-patch over right eye.
Additional Information

  • Cynical and Reserved: His experiences with the shinobi lifestyle have made him overall distrustful of people and the nature of man. He prefers spending time alone and amongst nature. Because of his reserved nature, combat, especially Taijutsu, does not sit well with him and he never puts forth his entire effort.

  • Optimistic: While he distrusts people, he believes that there is an inherent goodness that has been corrupted by the necessities for survival. He believes that one day they, shinobi, will no longer have to live in secret to survive.

  • Introspective: He is always questioning himself and his ideals, especially after missions and combat. He wonders if being a shinobi is really worth the pain it causes.

  • Observant: Because of his introspective nature, he's always aware of his surroundings, himself and the people around him.

  • Prideful: Like his family, he shares a very strong since of pride in his clan, and has a strong attachment to his sister and his father. Heijin has also grown to become a Father figure to him, and Kyoujin, a brother. Since the raids on his home, his pride in his clan has grown, even with the limited number of them left.

  • Prodigal: Unlike his sister, Seito shows a great affinity in the shinobi arts. He is the first of his clan to focus strictly on Ninjutsu arts. He shines in Suiton, Fūton and the rare ability of Hyōton, acquired only by few in his family line.

  • Master Tactician: A skill inherited from his father throughout his childhood. Seishi taught Seito how to think and act in every moment, forcing him to plan even the words he uses around his family.

  • Clever: His father used to call him him Byakko, or white fox, out of his mischievous and genuinely good nature as a child. But since Seishi's death, his cleverness has been turned towards the ways of war and combat. He's a devious opponent.

  • Soft Heart: Seito's greatest weak spot are children. He finds himself unable to kill them, no matter the threat they pose and will often go out of his way to aid and protect them regardless of the risk. Next to this, he always feels great remorse for the lives he takes and feels no pride in it.

  • Thrill for Battle: Despite his dislike of the results of combat, he enjoys the intensity and rush that comes from it. However, the fact that he enjoys fighting does not sit well with him and he prefers to avoid enabling the feelings.

Historical Biography
  • The Heir to the Mori Clan, youngest child and only son of Seishi.

  • Year 4 - Present: As opposed to the Mori clan's values of martial prowess, Seito had very little interest and skill for taijutsu, and was instead taught talents relating more to Suiton and elemental manipulation. However, since his father's death, he has honed his skills in the martial arts, becoming a formidable combatant in both close-quarters and at a distance.

  • Year 10: During a samurai raid on their camp, Seito accessed his blood limit of Hyōton and protected himself and the other genin by encasing the raiders in ice. He was the first of his clan to display such ability since his grandfather, Sōjin. However he received a severe injury to his right eye resulting it its loss.

  • Year 14: Acquired the title of Chūnin, sharing missions with his sister and helping the genin learn their talents.

  • Year 16 - 20: With the betrayal of the Oda, the Clan which they had served devoutly, the Samurai Raids on the Mori Forest began, starting the war between the Mori Shinobi and the Samurai Army. In these years, much of the Mori Clan was lost, including his father.

  • Year 17: Seishi transferred the demon known as the Gobi to Seito, at the cost of his own life and the cost of others who remained to protect them from the invading armies during the Samurai raids. Seito remained in a coma for a month, Seishin acting as Head of the Clan for that time. After regaining consciousness and his ability, Seito took over leadership of the clan.

  • Year 18 - 20: After a year of recovery, Seito returned with his recuperated forces and reacquired their territory from the Samurai, starting a war with the Oda Clan and their supports as well as the Samurai Order in general. He began building a new shinobi society once more within the Mori Forest, utilizing the environment to their favor and making themselves known to trespassers.

  • Year 20 - Present: The Mori Clan has dwindled, sparsed throughout Mori Forest region. Many lives have been lost, however recruiting has been done under the promise to grant a society free of oppression and secrecy. Only few have taken up the offer. It is understood that there will be sacrifice and burdens unlike any other to endure.

  • Year 21: Seito mastered his control over the Gobi.

  • Year 24: He has began his campaign to restore the order that was taken away by the Samurai occupation. Disbanding the clan, he has gone his own way to solve the solution, looking to lose no more his family in the process. Especially not his sister, Seishin. He has started a one-man campaign against the Oda and the Samurai Order. Those who have remained loyal to him continue to act as agents in various parts of the world, delivering him information. Others have taken different routes in life, hopefully towards a better future.


When an ordinary man attains knowledge, he is a sage;
When a sage attains understanding, he is an ordinary man.


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PostSubject: Re: Mori Seito   Fri Sep 19, 2014 10:39 am

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Mori Seito
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