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 Uchiha Kumori

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PostSubject: Uchiha Kumori   Tue Sep 16, 2014 9:40 am

Uchiha, Kumori
うちは 曇り
General Information
Uchiha Kumori
Clan Affiliation:
Undecided Currently
Reputation Level:

Character Traits
Estimated Age:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Black Naturally
Red With Sharingan
Skin Color:
Slim, Wiry
Estimated Height/Weight:
5'9 - 140 lbs
Unique Characteristics:
Sharingan Almost always Active
Additional Information


  • Generally Polite if somewhat cold in his interactions
  • Highly confident in his own abilities, Often comes across as arrogant in this regard
  • Taciturn
  • Thirst For forbidden Knowledge
  • Sharingan often Active
  • Evasive in regards to his past

Historical Biography

  • Year 0: Born to two shinobi of the Uchiha clan and becomes the youngest of a family of 4, with two parents [Gendo (Father) & Rei (Mother)] and And Older sister [Makoto]
  • Year 1 - 10: Raised as a shinobi within the Uchiha clan, raised alongside others of the clan who would one day go on to become shinobi of the clan and continue it's proud traditions. Taijutsu style, ninjutsu theory and tactics are taught during these years.
  • Year 11: Kumori becomes the ward of his older sister as their parents are killed during a mission. Training continues and begins to add in Chakra control, weapon handling and Lessons on the Sharingan.
  • Year 12-15: Kumori is apprenticed under Makoto to learn form her and complete his training. Shows a startling aptitude for Raiton Ninjutsu during training. By the end of a three year apprenticeship with his sister he is considered a full shinobi of the clan and is often paired with Makoto on missions for the clan.
  • Year 16: During a Mission Kumori unlocks his sharingan, the act promoting him within the Clans rank and has him sent on more high profile public missions alongside Makoto. At this point the clan arranges for him a marriage with another upcoming shinobi within the clan, Asuku, hoping the result will produce even more sharingan users for the clans glory even though Asuka has yet to activate hers.
  • Year 17: Kumori is sent on a mission alongside his Fiance Asuku and his sister Makoto to discover an ancient temple and within find details, lessons and rare scrolls concerning the Sharingan's ultimate form. Despite fierce resistance from temple gaurds the trio are able to obtain the information though only kumori and Makato are able to read and understand the details with their sharingan, Asuka simply able to see a mess of ink.
    While reading over the price obtaining such an ability entails Makoto and Kumori agree that such information should not be revealed or it could decimate their clan in an attempt to earn this power but keep this information form Asuku as they silently swap messages to decide how best to lose the information without looking like open traitors.
    Their attempt to escape with the scrolls is intercepted by more of the temple guards who had been alerted and moved to recapture the scrolls and information as well as silence those who had seen the information. Overwhelmed and out numbered the trio are nearly captured but Kumori and Asuku are able to escape due to Makoto sacrificing herself to hold them back. Kumori notes that they have taken Makoto alive if injured and knowing what is likely in store for her and seeing her pleading expression throws back a Kunai that hits perfectly, ending the last of his family's life.
    Asuku stating that the lose of Makoto in exchange for the scrolls is a gin for the clan pushes Kumori to far and he states that Makoto was worth more and that he won't give the clan the scrolls, despite fighting him to try and gain them Asuku is soundly defeated but Kumori cannot bring himself to kill another of his clan and leaves, knowing that Asuku will let the clan know that he has the information they want and they will hunt him down.
  • Year 18: Kumori has moved around non stop since then, seeking out places safe enough to stop and rest for a few days before moving on. It was during this time that he encountered the Monkey village where he obtained a rare contract with one of the monkey clan's outcast members.
    His departure form this former safe haven he had been able to rest in lead to him crossing paths with another wanderer, Kaname. Despite reservations about having someone else with him as a target and potentially slowing him down he decides to travel with the younger girls, both for some company and because people searching for him will be looking for a loner, not a pair.

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Admin Jounin
Admin Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha Kumori   Sat Sep 27, 2014 12:45 pm



When an ordinary man attains knowledge, he is a sage;
When a sage attains understanding, he is an ordinary man.

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Uchiha Kumori
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