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 Kitano Takai

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PostSubject: Kitano Takai   Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:41 am

Kitano, Takai
きたの 他界
General Information
Kitano Takai
The Immortal
The Undying
Clan Affiliation:
Last known Member of the Kitano Clan
Reputation Level:

Character Traits
Estimated Age:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Dull Grey Due To Kinjutsu
Tall, Heavily Built, Scarred
Estimated Height/Weight:
6'2 220lbs
Unique Characteristics:
Green eyes with black Sclera.
Body is mass of scar tissue.
Various black thread stitches across body.
Skin is a slightly Decayed Grey colour.
Additional Information


  • Rarely speaks
  • Constantly glares at anyone nearby
  • Rarely gives his name out and if needed will refer to himself as "Mumei"
  • Apathetic towards everything
  • Jaded
  • Very Cynical
  • Medical Prodigy
  • Vast experience
  • Over the years has had to replaced damaged or destroyed limbs with other peoples giving him a patchwork look though often becoming heavily scarred again quickly.

Historical Biography

  • Prior to Birth: The Kitano clan was never large but was respected for their wide range of both Medical and forbidden knowledge. Despite this forbidden Knowledge the Kitano rarely utilised it and instead hoarded it, claiming some things were better left forgotten.

    The Clan as a whole was insular and focused on finding rare or dangerous items, jutsu and knowledge and then removing all traces of it save those they kept locked away.
  • Birth: Takai is born to his parents, both shinobi of the Kitano Clan
  • Years 0-9: Raised in the way of the Kitano clan, to learn and study and like most children of the clan spends an equal amount of time in the library learning information as well as in the training yards improving himself physically under the guise of playing games.
  • Year 10: Takai undergoes the clans rite of passage, being tested physically and mentally before being accepted to undergo the training needed to become a full member of the clan by apprenticing under a Trainer
  • Year 13: Takai graduates form the Clans apprenticeship program as a fully trained shinobi of the clan and begins to undertake the standard Missions and group training for the clan. The following two years see him sent on many missions and building up an impressive number of successes.
  • Year 15: Takai switches out of standard missions and takes up study of the medical arts under a master, intending to follow in his parents footsteps as a medic nin. His Trainer is a harsh demanding but skilled instructor and it is discovered that Takai has an affinity for medical jutsu, showing intuitive understanding of it combined with detailed knowledge of the body.
  • Year 19: Despite a grueling four years Takai leaves his apprenticeship under his master a whole two years earlier than most medic nins, his master admitting he has little more to learn form him that experience will not teach better. Takai spends the following year in the clans hospital wing treating injured shinobi before being deemed sufficiently suitable under pressure to deal with injuries in the field and he returns to field work.
  • Years 20-24: Takai begins accompanying search teams into more dangerous and hidden locations to find knowledge, his medical skills often required to keep the teams alive and moving to reach their goals. Develops a reputation as a grim but skilled medic and is frequently requested for teams being deployed.
  • Year 25: The Mori clan begins to make requests for some of the lost knowledge the Kitano clan has locked away and guards, offers of alliances and aid are made but the Kitano refuse to release any of the knowledge stating that some things are better left lost.
  • Years 26-33: The Kitano clan finds it's search teams having to compete against Mori Clan members more commonly now in their searches or protect what they have recovered from ambushes. In the main they are successful in fending off the assaults or are able to destroy the knowledge and artifacts before they could be taken. Tensions within both clans rise.
  • Year 34: During one Mission Takai is heavily wounded during an ambush by Mori clan and requires hospitalization at the Clan compound to recover from his wounds. During this time the Mori Clan launches a full assault on the Kitano Clan with overwhelming numbers. Despite fierce resistance the Kitano clan are slowly and surely being pushed back deeper into their compound and losing both ground and members.
    Despite being wounded Takai joins the defence as the hospital is quickly overrun anyway and finds himself and several other clan members trapped near some of their most heavily protected vaults containing dark secrets and lost knowledge. Determined to deny the Mori what they want Takai begins planting explosive tags while the rest of the members buy him time before making the decision to open the vault slightly to entice the Mori clan to investigate expecting to get what they want only to bring them in range of the explosives.
    The Resulting explosion levels the vaults, kills an unknown number of the Mori clan, seals the ruined vaults under tonnes of rubble and leaves Takai crippled with missing limbs, trapped in the remains of one of the vaults to die.
  • Year 44: It has been 10 years since the Mori clan wiped out the Kitano clan though they were ultimately denied the majority of the knowledge they sought as the Kitano clan destroyed the vaults in most cases though some of their knowledge was still plundered. The Kitano clan has Mostly been forgotten now and the ruins of their compounds overtaken by jungle, vegetation and rumours of bandits.
    Unknown to all Takai survived by virtue of the vault he was in containing their darkest secrets, rare and forbidden medical techniques including an ancient healing jutsu that could remake the body given time by placing the body into a Chakra fueled coma and Something without a name that Even Takai did not dare venture near though in his weakened state and healing coma it escaped the powerful wards that once contained it and it waited for it's time until Takai left his healing coma, his body whole if not strong again. The last of the kitano awoke to life long enough to see a monster form the dark kill him but did not succumb entirely, the monster killed his body but the mind survived.
  • Year 45-67: Takai pulled his new body, now held together with the stitches that covered the many tears and rips his body had suffered, free of the ruins of his former home, salvaged what little he could and began to move as far away from civilization as he could, knowing he needed time to get use to his new body, learn what it could do and what he had become. During this time he mostly avoided everyone save the few stray bandits he encountered hiding in the wilds.
  • Year 68: Takai moves to the land of fire and takes up residence in the area known as the Forest of death. This is not only to have a single place of residence but also to further distance himself form his birth land of the water country.
  • Year 69: Takai Begins once more to enter the world, seeking out knowledge as his clan had once done though now he knows better, he learns what he can from the scrolls and artifacts and ruins he find and explores before destroying them utterly.
  • Year 70-93: Over the next two decades Takai becomes more and more reclusive as well as extremely knowledgeable in several fields of forbidden lore and unmatched in terms of medical prowess. Despite this there are multiple assassination attempts on Takai as he does not care who he upsets when he destroys ancient knowledge or who he takes it from. Slowly the reputation of the Shinobi who can't die begins to form.
  • Year 94: A concentrated effort arranged by several enraged nobles is organized to eliminate Takai. Dozens of Samurai, several wandering Shinobi and hired bandits are sent to the forest of death to Kill Takai and return with his head and any knowledge he is hoarding. The heads of all those sent are found impaled on pikes outside the forest of death three days later.
  • Year 95-98: Takai's reputation as a medic and unkillable hunter of rare knowledge leads someone to hire him to eliminate a group of bandits causing him trouble, the payment being rare scrolls he is unable to open himself. This act, coupled with the successful elimination of the group of bandits, leads others to follow the example of the first noble and Takai soon finds himself picking the rarest information in exchange for his services, either medical or shinobi.
  • Year 99: Despite his known status as a shinobi Takai is hired and paid richly in coin by the Damio to deal with a previously unexplored region, the lure of the potential knowledge kept there sufficient For Takai to accept the task of investigating the area known as the Den of Hellfire. Not only does the Damio wish to know of this region as all other explorations have been lost it is hoped this task will eliminate or at least remove the otherwise immortal shinobi.
  • Year 100-108: Takai is not heard from or seen again since he was last spotted entering the Den of Hell fire. It is accepted that Takai has finally been killed or removed form their world.
  • Year 109: Takai returns from the den of Hellfire and enters the Damio's court during one of their meetings shockign those who recall him. while still clearly heavily wounded suffering from missing chunks of flesh, an arm and covered in burns and vicious gouges he Drops the Coin he had previously been paid with at the Damio's feet as he informs them only that the Den of hell Fire should remain unexplored and only death awaits those who enter.
    The coin is returned as he did not complete the job which was to explore and report the region to the Damio and the legend of the dead man grows further.
  • Year 110-117: Takai returns to the Forest of death despite a few attempts to stop him, more skulls now lining it's perimeter. It is rarer now that Takai leaves the forest, often going to places containing ancient knowledge or legends and dark rumours when he does, no one knows what he is searching for.

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PostSubject: Re: Kitano Takai   Sat Sep 27, 2014 12:46 pm



When an ordinary man attains knowledge, he is a sage;
When a sage attains understanding, he is an ordinary man.

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Kitano Takai
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