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 Senju, Makoto

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PostSubject: Senju, Makoto   Wed Sep 10, 2014 8:06 pm

Senju, Makoto
General Information
Senju, Makoto
Clan Affiliation:
Reputation Level:

Character Traits
Estimated Age:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Small and Slim
Estimated Height/Weight:
5'0, 42kgs
Unique Characteristics:
Cat like Tribal Mask.
Additional Information


  • Hesitant

  • Quiet

  • Calculating

  • Focused

  • Well Mannered

  • Dependent

  • Generous

Historical Biography
A pact was made between the two families known as the Uchiha and Senju to help strengthen clan ties, on that day Tatsuo Uchiha [56] and Juu Senju [61] two leaders in their clan's district wedded their son and daughter together. The two being known as Haru Senju[34] and Megumi "Uchiha" Senju[31] built a Life in the village of the Senju Clan. One was a son of a profitable business owner in the trade market on selling goods from woods to animal hides and the other a Shinobi that was forged in the fires of the village to which she climbed to the ranks of Jounin, "The Haze" they called her. The two quickly started their new life together as husband and wife and gave birth to five children. Eldest child: Makoto Senju, Second Eldest: Hanzo Senju[8], Middle Child: Asami Senju[7], And the Twins: Cho and Chou Senju[5]. These children being born in the Senju clan district.

Year 1:
Suimin celebrated his first birthday today in silence in his crib, the room surrounded in a forest that curled around the room and showed different animals, bears, stags, rabbits and foxes all played around the room that changes with each corner symbolizing the changes of it. One wall was summer, showing the animals frolicking in the hot summer days and eating the fruits and grasses it provided. The next was fall, the leafs had changed to an orange coloring that sweep over the forest and showed the birds flying off in the sky and many squirrels collecting acorns while some of the other animals had gone yet the deer still stood in the forest, nibbling on a pile of grass while the bears scoured the forests for food to make itself bigger, the size of it increasing which showed it stocking up on fat for the winter. Then the boys favorite scene was a cold winter night, the moon glowed in the sky while a dark blue filled the scenery and showed the leafs had left the branches, the bear sleeping in it's cave with Z's moving from the dark cavern in the background of the paints, a lake near it where it had frozen over while showing a herd of deer crossing the thick ice in search for food, the squirrels hiding in the lifeless tree while sitting in it's own house with stock piles of acorns around it, a inside look of it's den which always caught Makoto's eye. And then the final wall held spring, the many animals had been found kissing or sharing food or snuggling up to each other since all the animals returned, the birds in the trees and the bears and the rabbits yet the stag stood on up in the hills, the sun on it while a female had taken a place next to him..this was the scene the boy took in every night through his first years of life.

Year 2:
The boy had finally moved from his crib and into followed after his mother or father when they were in the house, mumbling unintelligible words and things while he explored the new spaces in the house. Traveling through the long halls and trying to get in the closets and bathroom and parents room which got him titled "The Little Explorer" by his parents who only laughed at his needs to look at and take things back to his room to play with, every time something went missing it would be found in the boys room littered across the floor where he had left it while going to find his next 'treasure'.

Year 3:
Suimin had by now started his adventures outside while and soon came across the amazing thing known as Bugs and insects which he studied at and brought many different specimens back for his parents to see while he still played with his new found toys outside before being tucked in at night with many of the creepy critters allowed to nest in his room. The boy collected all sorts of the critters for studying yet his denied when his mother Megumi found out and had to release his pets back out into the yard. Makoto has started to learn the rules by this time and has become very obedient to his parents orders without waver making him rather loved by his father for his constant need to impress him in an attempt for his approval.

Year 4:
His brother had arrived during the fall and Makoto quickly took an interest in his baby brother in wanting to play and wanting to be around his sibling. The two were a handful since the boy would often sneak into his brothers bedroom and steal him from his crib to play with his wooden figurines but learned that all little Hanzo wanted to do was gum the things to death, Makoto played with his brother a lot through the first years of Hanzo's life. Makoto has learned to be friendly and quickly let go of his possessions rather then horde them giving him a good trait in making friends in his teachings.

Year 5:
The young Senju had received the second of the five sibling known as Asami which Hanzo and Senju quickly pulled into their family with open arms, eager to greet their first sister and teach her Hanzo and Makoto's many games now, hide and go seek being their favorite and Hanzo had quickly learned to follow his brother everywhere. Asami being brought into the family in the summer months and grew quickly by the next soon grew to love her brothers constant affection and family unity. Makoto has learned Leadership skills and soon becomes the head brother, the king loving thoughtful one that would sneak treats and defend his siblings from the many 'pets' that consistently terrorized his sister Asami.

Year 6:
With Asami two and Hanzo three the trio finally started their family actives, being taken out to the market to help their mother while Makoto had started becoming more quiet, observant and helpful to his mother with minor task, always completing them to either take care of his siblings or help clean up after himself. With his helpful-ness his father quickly started to favor the boy and often took him to work with him to study yet Makoto was too busy pretending to be a shinobi, often toying with his siblings by letting them join in yet it always ended with Makoto doing something silly and getting in trouble later for hiding around the house and sneaking off outside to climb the trees. Makoto has changed a bit and became more free spirited.

Year 7:
Father and Mother now added the final members of the family in the spring months, a set of twins known as Cho and Chou. Mother and Father seemed worried about the two in the beginning for their black hair and black eyes, sometimes seeming grayish in certain lights while Tatsuo soon made his way back into the family circle, visiting more often to see the two new borns and finally start visiting the family more often and Hanzo and Asami have started to drift apart, Asami playing more with her dolls and being around Megumi and Hanzo soon moving to be around Haru which left Makoto alone to start going out to play more often and enjoy the outside. Makoto has been subjected to slight neglect due to his father constantly working or dealing with Hanzo and Megumi taking care of the twins and Asami.

Year 8:
Now without much Guidance the boy has started to go out to find new friends, meeting kids at the park to play kick ball or hide and go seek. Spending time outside had become a constant habit and he usually stayed out from dawn to dusk which his parents didn't seem to mind much due to them being so busy, at points Makoto would try and study up on his new passion of wanting to be a shinobi and before long convinced his parents to let him join the other boys to begin learning to become a vital tool in their clans arsenal and was quickly enrolled into training to help strengthen the clans newest crop to make warriors out of them.

Ages 9 - 10:
Over the next two years the boy spent his time learning about his gifts with the Mokuton element that was discovered by one of his teachers and set him apart from the rest as some of his clan members were not born with their rare bloodline trait. Put into an entirely different class the boy was taught to hone his abilities and that was when they began taking Makoto out on missions into samurai country along with their clan allies the Uchiha to which they would raid and try to take out as many of their foes as possible before fading into the forest not to be seen and leave the ruins of enemies to be discovered though with each successful scouting mission or raid the samurai grew more and more furious and grew in numbers.

The Uchiha Leaders warned that it was time to move before the patrols or massive armies combing the forests could find them but the Senju clan was too proud to leave their homes and with that the groups split off and some of each side went with who they thought was right in this matter and unlike the others his parents and Makoto decided that staying would be the right course of action since like many of the others they had fought and bled for what they had and would not abandon it.

Everything changed....when the Samurai attacked..

Wave after wave came crashing down upon the village before the signals could be made and on horseback the heavily armed samurai began their revenge on the shinobi that had slain their brothers and brought dishonor to their clans. Groups of both the Uchiha and Senju fought tooth and nail to defend evacuation routes to get the women and children away but many were cut off and were cut down by the overwhelming numbers leaving those that fled instead of fighting the only ones to tell the tale. Makoto in all this had received injury in the battle and broke away as the screams behind him signaled their efforts were in vein as his brothers and sisters continued to fight on through the night until smoldering ash and the smell of death filled the air.

Satisfied with their victory the Samurai looted and raped, taking prizes as they saw fit before returning to their camps while many like Makoto simply watched one by one the bodies put to the torch and any that screamed were quickly dispatched with a Katana to the neck or heart and left to slowly become ablaze. The boys eyes stayed glued to the symbol on their armor and vowed that one day he was going to return the favor...he would grow strong and wipe not just this group..but every Samurai from the face of this earth while tears of sadness and fury surged down his face and soon sleep overtook him as he rested near the remains of the village till he had enough strength to move on...but where would he go? Who would take him in? These questions remain to be unanswered for the time being...


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PostSubject: Re: Senju, Makoto   Sun Sep 21, 2014 3:10 pm

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Senju, Makoto
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