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 Yamada, Seiichi

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PostSubject: Yamada, Seiichi   Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:02 am

Yamada, Seiichi
General Information
Yamada, Seiichi
Clan Affiliation:
Reputation Level:

Character Traits
Estimated Age:
Hair Color:
Jet Black
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
slightly tan
Estimated Height/Weight:
5'9 ft / 160 lbs
Unique Characteristics:
Wheres a mask with fur attached to it to hide his identity, underneath his mask from his nose down to his neck he wears bandages
Additional Information


  • Sadist
  • Observant
  • Persuasive
  • Aggressive
  • Sarcastic
  • Intelligent

Historical Biography
Age 0: Seiichi's birth was mistake through his parents eyes, they couldn't take care of him which led to his mother abandoning her child and co parent. His father who was left struggling taking care of the infant ended up trading his son for food to a clan, the Yamada. It was destined for Seiichi to be a servant of the Yamada for as long as he lived.
Age 1: The orphan boy grew a year and still unable to decide his own fate he was taken care of by the peasants of the clan some where deep within the Earth Country. Not much was known at this time about the Yamada other than they were a clan of Royalty and ruled over much land.
Age 2: After the Yamada clan was attacked by Samurai and left disbanded. The leader of the clan sent out two people to locate and bring back teacher(s) of the sword. When they arrived back not only did the lord have what he wanted he ordered all men who served him, young and old to train so that if the samurai were to return their causalities would not be crucial as the last time.
Age 3: The Yamada had expanded taking much more land than before.
Age 4: Seiichi was taught that he was to serve the Yamada clan.
Age 5: The boy had a thing for the taste of blood. One day while out in the garden and hungry he had seen a fox trapped. Moments later Seiichi was found munching on the what would be left of the fox. The Lord was told as punishment he was put into a deep hole, this only increased his thirst for blood.
Age 6: At this time his owner believed he was old enough to learn how to fight.
Age 7: Seiichi continued to kill and eat animals while none noticed it was in this year where he first met the daughter of the Lord. She kept quiet for the sake of the boy.
Age 8: His skills increased, speed and agility was his greatest feats. With such skill at a young age he was given duty and the name Yamada, Seiichi.
Age 9: Seiichi continued to increase his abilities and taught shinobi warfare, he was to be the first ninja within the clan.
Age 10-15: Learning to become a spy for the Lord became ease, Seiichi was given small tasks and with his age he was able to secretly learn not only about the other countries but of the world itself; the destruction and foul things that would be committed just for the right to command. Returning to the Earth Country he could see the castle burning and the villagers who were trained to fight out on the streets defending from what looked to be another raid, and possibly the same Samurai who attacked before. Fighting his way in and saving those that could be saved Seiichi made it to the castle, on fire he began to search for the Lord but it was far too late. He laid in his own pool of blood and with his last dying words he ordered to protect the name, and his daughter who was hidden within a cellar. When the teen located the girl he only witnessed one of the most horrible things to see. He fought and killed these men showing no remorse though the girl who had been dealt a great shock died in Seiichi's arms. He believed she'd be with him forever if devoured her and so he did. The castle was destroyed and those who were left followed Seiichi into a different region.
At one moment in his life Seiichi was stuck with the few men who followed him in a cabin with no food and a freezing temperature outside. There was no choice but to slowly devour these men.. it was him or them. When the weather changed he left part of himself back in the cabin and anew personal forced its way out, simply taking over Seiichi's mind at certain times to be a cannibal maniac with the thrust for blood.

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PostSubject: Re: Yamada, Seiichi   Wed Sep 24, 2014 5:21 pm

for the cannibalism keep the details out of posts and simply allude to things and we should be ok.

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Yamada, Seiichi
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