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 Byakuren Tsuki

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PostSubject: Byakuren Tsuki   Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:22 am

Byakuren Tsuki
白蓮 月
General Information
Byakuren Tsuki
Hachibi no Jinchuriki
Clan Affiliation:
Reputation Level:

Character Traits
Estimated Age:
25 (but she's probably lying)
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Pale Cream
Slender but Shapely
Estimated Height/Weight:
5 foot 5 inches / (unknown)
Unique Characteristics:
Distractingly beautiful
Colorful garments
Shameless demeanor
Additional Information


  • calculating
  • deceptive
  • fiendish
  • hateful
  • immoral

Historical Biography

  • age 7, begins training as a kunoichi, under the traditions of her small nomadic clan. She is educated in combat, writing and language, arts and etiquette, all as tools. Demonstrating above average chakra control and generation, she studies under the clan medic. Her family, strict but fair, along with two other families, formed a small caravan of performers hiding in plain-sight. There shows remained small but were invited to cities across Hi no Kuni and neighboring border towns. They trained on the road and took jobs selectively, remaining neutral in the ambitions of the Samurai.
  • age 12, after a particularly well-attended show, the caravan was attacked a few miles outside of the city. The survivors of this ambush sealed their dead into containers and set the caravan on fire, disappearing into the countryside. The families talked many days, finally deciding to split up for now, but not before renewing their vows of friendship and trust. Her family, lead by her father Ro, chose to remain in their homeland while the others crossed over to territories that offered more stability, soon losing touch.
  • age 14, remaining in Hi no Kuni turned out to be a bad idea when information about their appearances and abilities were giving to local samurai. After weeks and dodging hunters they were trapped in a village with flat fields. Distracting as many as he could, Ro took to the offensive while his daughters attempted escape. Tsuki is separated from her sisters in the trees, and being hunted by man and dogs, she fled into a dense forest. It was many days later when she emerged dehydrated and weak from hunger. She had lost them for now, but was herself lost. She followed the road and found a settlement, finding food, water, cloths and tools. She would begin the search for her family when she regained her strength.
  • age 16, Traveling, searching, seeking to buy information, the young kunoichi had still not found her sisters or father, even after returning to the site of the attack. All she knew was that the Samurai were from the Takeda clan, so she remained to Hi no Kuni. Whiling training, she is discovered by local samurai and kills three men before being chased away. Her kills feel like justice. In mask and hood, the young woman's delusion of vengeance become simple murder as she begins killing low ranking samurai in their sleep as she moves from settlement to settlement. In this time the Demon of Hatred found and took interest in Tsuki, slithering into her mind receptive mind. Dark whispered offered the ability to destroy her hated foe, and anyone else in her way. Willingly she discards her humanity for power.
  • age 19, controlling her bloodlust becomes an art and learning from the Demon a science, and with much of the last years spent in solitude the Jinchūriki of the Eight-tails uncoiled herself from the darkness. Creating a fictional band of mercenary-shinobi she named “Yozakura”, Tsuki used this as an operating alias and cover for multiple disguises, devoting her resources toward research and her growing spy network. Working primarily for underworld interests, the Yozakura came to be known as accomplished spy and assassins.
  • age 25-??, Much accomplished and much more to do, Yozakura has been busy for many years, always careful to remain out of the politics and territory disputes of the nations. Having gained a few worthy subordinates and spies, the Yozakura becomes a group disguise as a single clan. No longer just series of masks, her ambition drives forward.

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PostSubject: Re: Byakuren Tsuki   Fri Sep 19, 2014 8:08 pm

Much hate from duch a little fraaaame.

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Byakuren Tsuki
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