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 Naruto New Deception

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Kino Minki

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PostSubject: Naruto New Deception   Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:28 am

Naruto RPG: New Deception

As the world has gone through many wars new hero rose up afterwards, with new deceptions. After the forth great ninja, Madara Uchiha had successfully revived the ten tailed Bijuu and used his mangekyuo sharingan to control the beast. Madara had used this beast to murder most shinobi known to the world, few survived the massive onslaught.

There was only one bijuu now and no jinjuriki none survived accept for the one tailed jinjuriki, Gaara, yet the young Kazekage had failed to stop Madara Uchiha just as the other kage have. This war, the only war the hero's had seemed to lose seemed to be the end of life as it was known.

Yet out of the blue a new hero was born, and on the run from Madara Uchiha. The young hero was a seal specialist and used a special seal to split the ten tailed beast into ten forming the previous bijuu. Yet the ten tailed Bijuu had not left the world it had only regained control over itself and completely destroyed Madara Uchiha with it's Yin and Yang ability. The young hero had eventually died but since then, war has been less frequent in the shinobi world leaving peace for a short amount of time, yet it would not last, just like every story once a threat dies, a New Deception is born. Who will you join with? Good or Evil?

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Chūnin of Kirigakure
Chūnin of Kirigakure

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PostSubject: Re: Naruto New Deception   Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:39 am

Linked back.
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Naruto New Deception
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